Shame on you, Greene County.   Instead of deregulating, cutting taxes, or taking other steps to improve your business climate, you’re once again looking to squeeze some more money out of your worn-out taxpayers.

Check out this bill from Senator Don Davis (D).   It allows county leaders to slap an additional FIVE DOLLARS onto every vehicle property tax bill in the county for the purposes of “economic development.”


There’s no definition included as to what “economic development” might be.  It could be $19,000 in new suits for the local legislator.  It could mean a skybox at BankofAmerica Stadium.  The possibilties — for the crooked pols — are endless.  

This is a GOP-dominated chamber, so I am not expecting this to pass.  I thought the GOP was against the crony capitalism style of economic development.  You don’t BUY new jobs.  You don’t BUY legitimate long-term economic growth.  

If you let this see the light of day, it opens a real Pandora’s box.  Every city and county official will be burning up the phone lines demanding their legislator get them five dollars for this and this and this and this and this and (you get the idea). 

Governing is not about bleeding your voters dry. Stop this dead in its tracks.