#ncga: Traffic stops 101

Democrat Ken Goodmon — the son of a former sheriff — has decided we need to insert education on proper behavior for a traffic stop involving law enforcement into our drivers ed curriculum.  You have to wonder: WHO really doesn’t know what to do when the police stop you?  (The cop comes to the window, asks for license and registration, and you say ‘yes’sir’ or ‘no,sir’ while keeping your hands visible and staying in the car.   We’ve all watched our share of CHiPs and ADAM-12.)

Given our current gangsta  rap — BlackLivesMatter — rioting in the streets — burning stuff — infested society, it might be a good deal to put a refresher course out there.

Though, before the state gets into reinventing the wheel on this, I think they should simply incorporate this brilliant video short from comedian Chris Rock that so succinctly nails proper decorum for a vehicle stop.