Hijab Awareness Week (Olly Ock-bar!)

Oh, what has happened to Meredith College — that quaint, genteel, conservative southern all-girls finishing school nestled deep within the bowels of our capital city? Check out one of the recent campus events:

Right after Trump’s big win.  Interesting timing, eh?  

Did students learn about how the hijab and other traditional garb are used to conceal detonators and suicide vests use to murder US soldiers and innocent civilians?  Did the students learn about how women in hijabs can be beaten or stoned to death for simply driving a car or being out alone in a Muslim-dominated locale?  Probably not.  Here’s more:

Oh, credit toward graduation for attending this propaganda-fest.  Would the same treatment be extended toward attending a program by, say, Franklin Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, or Joyce Meyer?  Again, not holding my breath.