Hijab Awareness Week (Olly Ock-bar!)

Oh, what has happened to Meredith College — that quaint, genteel, conservative southern all-girls finishing school nestled deep within the bowels of our capital city? Check out one of the recent campus events:

Right after Trump’s big win.  Interesting timing, eh?  

Did students learn about how the hijab and other traditional garb are used to conceal detonators and suicide vests use to murder US soldiers and innocent civilians?  Did the students learn about how women in hijabs can be beaten or stoned to death for simply driving a car or being out alone in a Muslim-dominated locale?  Probably not.  Here’s more:

Oh, credit toward graduation for attending this propaganda-fest.  Would the same treatment be extended toward attending a program by, say, Franklin Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, or Joyce Meyer?  Again, not holding my breath.


9 thoughts on “Hijab Awareness Week (Olly Ock-bar!)

  1. Maybe they should import some Muslim migrants from Cologne, Germany to demonstrate how Muslims celebrate New Years Eve

  2. I just can’t believe this is happening. My daughter graduated from Merideth 20 years ago there was nothing like this going on thank God. I would have done something about it believe me. What is happening in our schools? They have there own country where they can wear their hijab not have Americans odopt their traditions.

  3. What has happened to the education system in this country?? 8 years with a Muslim as a president has destroyed it, that’s what happened!! Before Obozo was elected, the worshipping of Muslim faith or the thought of putting this country in danger by letting illegal aliens dictate this country’s constitution or school intinerary’s! It’s just disgusting. How long before the idiots in this country give the U.S. To the Muslims? They’ve already dug in like a bunch of ticks on a hound dog and Obozo sat back and orchestrated the whole thing. I hope the democrats are finally happy when their wives and children are shot and killed by the Islam because they were so stupid that they couldn’t see what they let happen! I’m truly appalled by the ignorance in this country. It goes beyond all belief!!

  4. This head scarf is a sign of slavery. Women are considered property, did anyone tell the students this?

  5. Please, please, please!!!

    Show respect when you write about anything Muslim.

    It is not “Olly Ock Bar” (WRONG!)

    It is “Allahu Akbar!” meaning God is great! …. This on main reason people are so upset. So many lies and wrong information is being put out causing good people grief. People that report the news should know this important fact of truth. We Muslims are not the same, everything from what we are called to cultural practices. I am a full American Muslim who life was almost taken I’m the name of Trump … Please called the terrorist by their race or culture, because a real believing Muslim would never commit crimes. Please I ask of the writer to have a sit down with the different groups to see like other religious groups and get to know us. I offer myself because no matter how small you think my issues are, they mean something so important to me.

    1. I think the Bey of Tunis made it pretty clear to Thomas Jefferson what Islam is all about and that Islam and the United States of America could never peacefully co-exist.

  6. As a two-time graduate of Meredith, I am floored and ashamed of the offering! When I attended, it WAS a quaint well-respected university. How very sad to see the direction it is heading!!

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