#ncga: “Entertainment” as a campaign expense?

The state board of elections plays it pretty fast and loose in terms of what it allows candidates to spend campaign money on. Cars. $19,000 in clothes. AmEx bills.  dry-cleaning. International travel.

When one usually thinks of campaign expenses, things like signs, flyers, and ads come to mind.   State elections officials claim that anything purchased only because of one’s position as a legislator or candidate is a legitimate campaign expense.

There’s a new one (apparently) to add to the list: ENTERTAINMENT. 

State Rep. Bob Steinburg, aiming for the Senate this year, has at least TWO entries on his year end report for “entertainment” at something called “Jolly Roger.”

You may remember one Fletcher Hartsell who got the book thrown at him for charging fancy dinners (aka “entertainment”), haircuts and Burger King runs, among other things to his campaign. 

Entertainment, eh?  One could certainly argue that stuffing cash in the garters of the ladies who dance on the stage at those “gentlemen’s clubs” by the airport counts as “entertainment.”  Would THAT be an acceptable expense chargeable to one’s campaign?

On top of that, Steinburg seems to have borrowed a page from the Kelly Hastings playbook on self-reimbursement.  Steinburg’s campaign reports spending $24,752.25 for all of 2017.  Of that amount, $9.248.39 went to Steinburg himself.  

8 thoughts on “#ncga: “Entertainment” as a campaign expense?

  1. Oh Boy!

    And he wants to get his hands on more donations from unscrupulous lobbyist to spread around among his buddies who will no doubt vote for him. It sounds like he would fit right in with Cooper and his $58 million slush fund.

    1. LOL, you obviously do not know what the Jolly Roger is, on the OBX. A family owned restaurant. HAHAH. This is probably the stupidest story I have read in a long time. No wonder no one takes this sight serious, it pure gossips reporting. Let me guess, Clark Twiddy ( so called conservative) paid this reporter to run this story, just as he gave thousands to Roy Cooper, who backs abortion, partial abortion, Transgender bathroom, the liberal list goes on. I’m no seeing that anywhere on this “blog”. Make to real life, enough of the soap opera reporting today.

      1. You think Solar Steinie put “gossip” on his campaign report?????

        I see y’all don’t let Steinie come on this site by himself any more. Smart move. He demonstrated a clear lack of adult supervision last time.

        Read the campaign reports. Twiddy gave hearily to McCrory in the 2016 gubenatorial elections NOT to Cooper. He also gave to lots of other Republicans.

        It is Steinburg who is joined at the hip with the Barack Obama / Al Gore green energy cabal, one of the most corrupt left wing forces in our state.

        Taking the green left’s money and using it for his own entertainment is just not kosher.

        1. It is quite apparent you know nothing about your above comment. It is known, with physical proof, that Clark and wife hosted a fundraiser in manteo north carolina when Roy first announced. He not only gave money then, but when Roy was running for AG as well. So he has been aligned with Roy copper for far longer then McConnell.I think it is clear who is a RHINO. I also was at an event and heard Rep. Steinburg talk about your so called “solar weenie” comments. As a hard core conservative myself, all he stands for is personal property rights. Looks like you are a liberal if you do not stand for that. Nice try, many of us know Bob personally, and he has done more for us than any elected representative. To associate bob as a liberal is beyond “fake news”. A man who sponsors the HB2 bill and stands for christian values louder than most, is by no means associated with Obama, or Roy copper. However, a man who gives thousands to a man who is as far left as Roy cooper, and then runs on being a strong conservative, is not only sad, but truly an embarrassment. Not to mention, how deep in bed he is with Jordan Hennessy and a group of people who have caused nothing but drama and a clickish club for north eastern North Carolina. Clark has been called a easy puppet for the establishment in Raleigh, because they know he will vote how they want. I don’t know about you, but we don’t want a whip boy, we want someone who will do what is right for Eastern North Carolina. Not someone who is trying to buy his seat, as well as use the seat for his political career. Bye Bye establishment, we want a man of the people, and Bob is a man of the people.

          1. It is your fake news against Twiddy that does NOT correspond to the records of the NC Board of Elections.

            As to the Barack Obama / Tom Steyer / Al Gore green energy left, you are misrepresenting Steinburg’s record. Steinburg has consistently supported taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies of the corrupt wind and solar special interests which are so inefficicent they could not stand on their own two feet in a free market. Anyone who supports such corporate welfare subsidies is NOT a conservative..

            As to private property, Steinburg supports a very unfair law that gives his wind and solar buddies an 85% exemption from local property taxes, forcing other county taxpayers to cover what they should be paying. That is actually an attack on private property.

  2. Jolly Roger is a restaurant/bar in Kill Devil Hills, famous for it’s nightly karaoke. Sing Bob Sing…

  3. Bob Steinburg and similar fake Republicans who thumb their noses at the NCGOP platform and instead prostitute themselves to the Big Solar and Big Wind special interests are pushing policies that will, as Obama said, “make our electric rates necessarily skyrocket”

    Here is a good example of what the policies of Steinburg and those like him would do – consumer electric rates in two Australian states DOUBLED in 12 months due to wind and solar:

    Or take Germany, whose push to wind and solar now has their consumer electric rates at three times what North Carolinians pay.

    So that does not happen here, we need to oust the Solyndra Republicans in the primaries.

    Steinburg even co-signed a propaganda piece for Big Wind / Big Solar with one of the most left wing Democrats in the State Senate.

  4. There is an easy test of who is a genuine conservative in the NC House, and that is to look at whether they are a member of the Freedom Caucus, the key grouping of House conservatives. Bob Steinburg is NOT a member of the Freedom Caucus. Further than that, he had been implicated in ginning up an establishment primary opponent to a member of the Freedom Caucus, Rep. Beverly Boswell.

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