#ncga: Curtis, we hardly knew ya.

Here’s the announcement from the Mecklenburg County GOP’s Facebook page:


“The work he has done this past year”  ????  Is she talking about his effort to recruit opponents against Republican legislators OUTSIDE of the county?  Is she talking about his THREE paying gigs that fly in the face of the NCGOP platform?  curtis1-270x250

From what I understand, there are nine legislative races and some county commissioner seats in that county that are currently unchallenged by the GOP.  Sounds like there hasn’t been much constructive work going on.

For those who may not have been following along — Watkins got busted trying to recruit an opponent for House majority leader Mike Hager.  Hager called him out on it, and asked for a state GOP probe into Watkins’s actions.  We learned that Watkins, in addition to being a local party chairman, also has a financial stake in the solar energy industry that (in contradiction of the NCGOP platform)  is desperately trying to sink its claws deeper into taxpayer pockets.

We also learned that senator Bob Rucho has called for a local and state probe into Watkins.  And we found out that, after all that, Watkins (1) still thinks Hager needs to lose his reelection bid, and (2) is considering a run for the senate seat being vacated by Rucho.


3 thoughts on “#ncga: Curtis, we hardly knew ya.

  1. Sorry it has come to this Curtis but you did this to yourself. My advice is change your ways or change your voter ID card.

    1. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. A primary doesn’t exist until two or more Republicans file to run in the same race, Until that precise moment in time occurs, an ExComm member cannot be in violation of the rule against involvement in Primaries because there is no primary. There is no rule against ensuring that there WILL BE a primary.

      1. I will disagree with you also, the intent of the rule is zero involvement, no matter at the beginning middle or end. You sound like Clinton “it depends on what the meaning of “is” is”. Pretty sure all chairman know own this rule and abide by it except Mr. Watkins.

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