#ncga: Bob Steinburg, potty-mouth?

State Rep. Bob Steinburg is seeking the GOP nomination for the soon-to-be-open NC Senate District 1 seat.  A video has gone up on YouTube depicting this self-proclaimed “Christian” and “champion of family values” leaving an angry profanity-laced voice mail that is (a) definitely not suitable for work and (b) definitely not the kind of thing you want gracing the ears of your kids.  (I count at least TWO of George Carlin’s legendary ”Seven Dirty Words.”)  
Click on the link and watch / listen at your own peril.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

One of the things Steinburg mentions on the video is some grief he’s getting over “attendance.”  According to official General Assembly records, Steinburg has the worst attendance record in the House for the 2017-2018 session. Less than a handful of members, who either resigned during the session or were appointed to the House mid-session, had worse showings than Steinburg. 

3 thoughts on “#ncga: Bob Steinburg, potty-mouth?

  1. Don’t pick on poor little Bobby. He is a big friend of the polar bears and a supporter of President Obama’s green energy legacy. We progressives need to make certain our fellow progressive Steinburg makes it to the Senate.

  2. i do not understand why there has been so much negative writing on this site about Bob Steinburg. Back some 12 years ago, before being a Republican in eastern NC was popular and Dems dominated, Bob was on the front line helping to build the GOP here in the East.

    I served as County Chairman in Beaufort County fro 2007-09 and Bob was my colleague in Chowan County. There were years we couldn’t even recruit candidates to run for some offices. In 2008 we could not find anyone willing to take on the democratic establishment for the State House seat here. And we begged and pleaded to get someone to run. Nobody believed that we could beat the Dems yet I knew we could. And Bob was along side fighting to make sure the GOP could be more prominent in local and state races. And it is now.

    In 2010, I was part of a very small group that recruited Bill Cook to run for the State House. Nobody thought he had a chance to beat the Democratic incumbent but myself and maybe a hand full of other people did. Bill had been part of the local GOP but not on anyones radar to run for the House. Yet as we all now know he was victorious and has now been in the legislature for eight years. Quite an accomplishment. Yet going back to that time frame it was considered a losing battle for a Republican to run for these offices. Yet we fought and Bob was fighting in Chowan County for the same outcomes we were here.

    When I ran for Congress in 2010 against the most beloved Congressman in NC, GK Butterfield, (kidding of course) it was indeed a long shot but our campaign won six counties which had never been done before laying the groundwork for future races. We worked to make the whole down ticket ballot viable and competitive. Bob was a part of that effort. We worked to recruit GOP candidates to run for seats that were not being contested. Granted that year not all were successful but it laid the groundwork for future elections when GOP candidates did win and took seats form the Democrats. Bob and his wife Marie were gracious to host a fundraiser for my campaign that year for me and others running in eastern NC. He has always been very gracious in opening his home for a variety of GOP functions from Christmas partys to fundraisers and other events. And doing so when it was not the popular thing to do and “Republicans couldnt win.”

    I do not know Mr. Steinburgs opponent Clark Twiddy. So my post is not to make an opinion of him or his candidacy. I felt the need to say what I have witnessed from Bob over the last decade in GOP politics here in eastern NC. I do not have a vote in that race as I no longer live in that district since our county was moved out. Whomever emerges victorious will have my support for what it is worth. But I did feel the need to write this to say I have always found Bob to be a hard working Republican, loyal to our causes, and ready to help the GOP in anyway possible since I met him back in 2007.

    1. You might want to check with Senator Bill Cook on that race. He seems to know both primary candidates very well, and his remarks quoted on this site are clearly in favor of Clark Twiddy over Steinburg.

      For the rest of us, Steinburg’s support of drivers licenses for illegal aliens and his being in the hip pocket of the crooked wind and solar special interests, in direct opposition to the position of the state GOP platform, are major deal breakers. Recruiting a liberal establishment primary opponent to conservative stalwart Rep. Bev Boswell also makes Steinburg’s name mud among conservatives.

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