#ncga Beware the trackers. (Truckers?) No, TRACKERS. (Walkers?) TRACKERS !!!

moleAs a member of the House Republican Caucus (If Paul Tine can be, so can I), I am privy to all kinds of interesting email. Like this one, for instance:

From: Mollie Young (Dir. of Communications, Speaker Moore’s Office)
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 10:48 AM
To: @House/Republican/Members
Cc: @Speaker Tim Moore’s Staff; Kyle Tervo (Rep. Mike Hager); Lindsey Dowling (Rep. Mike Hager); @House/Republican/LAs
Subject: Trackers on Halifax Mall

Members –
I wanted to alert you that there are trackers with cameras on Halifax Mall and around the buildings today.

Please avoid answering their questions – they are not journalists or students. These are paid trackers.

Mollie Young
Director of Communications
NC Speaker Tim Moore

I wonder how she knows NONE of those people are drive-bys.  It sounds like someone has visions of Bob Etheridge dancing in their heads.   Or maybe Jeff Tarte.