#ncga Beware the trackers. (Truckers?) No, TRACKERS. (Walkers?) TRACKERS !!!

moleAs a member of the House Republican Caucus (If Paul Tine can be, so can I), I am privy to all kinds of interesting email. Like this one, for instance:

From: Mollie Young (Dir. of Communications, Speaker Moore’s Office)
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 10:48 AM
To: @House/Republican/Members
Cc: @Speaker Tim Moore’s Staff; Kyle Tervo (Rep. Mike Hager); Lindsey Dowling (Rep. Mike Hager); @House/Republican/LAs
Subject: Trackers on Halifax Mall

Members –
I wanted to alert you that there are trackers with cameras on Halifax Mall and around the buildings today.

Please avoid answering their questions – they are not journalists or students. These are paid trackers.

Mollie Young
Director of Communications
NC Speaker Tim Moore

I wonder how she knows NONE of those people are drive-bys.  It sounds like someone has visions of Bob Etheridge dancing in their heads.   Or maybe Jeff Tarte.


9 thoughts on “#ncga Beware the trackers. (Truckers?) No, TRACKERS. (Walkers?) TRACKERS !!!

    1. its is kind of like what TMZ does to celebrities accept these are just people that are hoping to catch a politician and get a compromising soundbite or photo when their guard is lowered. Kind of like what the site peopleofwalmart does to the average people. Humans looking to attack any other human for any reason they see fit.

      1. Patrick, I see it a little different. It’s a good possibilty they’re just members of the public that have a few questions to ask. Typical response though for the political class to fear and smear these inquiring citizens and villianize them as they seek to get answers. Sounds like the politicians are a little skeeer-ed of old John Q. Public. That’s a good thing when polticians are running skeeer-ed.

      2. Patrick Your so wrong we are not attack anyone just trying to stop the unjust toll roads on I 77 we just want answers, that’s it !!!!

        1. I was just trying to help answer the generic question to what is a tracker to try and help the gentleman

    2. A “tracker” is someone who tracks a candidate or politicians every move and records everything they say so that their opposition can dig through it and find quotes to use against them.

  1. That’s funny! I was there with my camera yesterday when this was sent… got to bump into my old friend, Sen. Jeff Tarte, again. I hope they were not talking about me this way! I’m definitely not a paid tracker, just a constituent with questions. The Moral Monday crowd was hanging around as well. They had several cameras; maybe this was about them? Hmmm. I only saw several lobbyists and a large group of Moral Monday people – guess they chose Weds this week with the holiday? Anyway, pretty disrespectful for legislators to send official emails to eachother talking about constituents in such a manner. Who cares whether someone calls themselves a reporter or a student or a tracker – anybody should be able to approach a legislator and ask questions that others would like to know. It seems like they forget that they are servants of the public, not Hollywood celebrities. SMH.

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