#ncga: ANOTHER Raleigh swamp-dweller jumps on McInnis bandwagon

Raleigh is not being all that subtle about trying to pick our next senator down here in the Sandhills.  The Senate GOP caucus paid for mailers promoting state senator Tom McInnis. (Never mind he is locked in a tight primary with another Republican, Whispering Pines mayor Michelle Lexo.)  The NC Chamber has also shelled out cash to try and save McInnis.  Now comes the “Home Builders Education Fund, Inc.” paying for another round of pro-McInnis mailers.  (And I see they used Relyus — the in-house favorite direct mailer of Senate GOP leaders – to carry out the mailing.  Interesting.)

The “Education Fund” is a PAC set up by lobbyists allegedly representing the interests of homebuilders before the General Assembly.

All of this is not about Michelle Lexo opposing the GOP agenda, being bad for business, or being bad for homebuilders.  This is about influence peddlers who feed at the Jones Street trough keeping Berger & co. happy so they can come back to the trough for seconds, thirds, fourths …

This is a new district.  Granted, McInnis is an incumbent.  But Moore County — now the largest contingent of voters in the district — has never been represented by him.  We don’t know him.

Reports have been circulating for months about McInnis ticking off key Republicans in the county.  Stories of him telling Moore Republicans they need to vote for him because Democrats like him.  Stories of McInnis telling Moore Republicans they need to vote for him because he can win Scotland and Anson counties. (He didn’t in November 2016.)

The numbers actually show you can win the primary AND the general in this district with very little help outside of Moore County.

Voters in the newly-configured 25th district need a spirited debate among the candidates.  Raleigh forcing someone down our throats can leave quite a bad taste.

Republicans spending money — and directing special interest money — against other Republicans is BAD form.