#ncga: Raleigh special interests betting BIG on McInnis

They’ve backed driver licenses for illegals, tax increases, corporate welfare giveaways, the repeal of HB2, and Common Core.  Now, The NC Chamber is giving its blessing and endorsement to the renomination and reelection of state senator Tom McInnis (R-Richmond).  

McInnis is locked in a heated primary fight with Michelle Lexo, the mayor of the Moore County village of Whispering Pines, in the newly-reconfigured state senate district 25.

The Chamber mailers hit Moore County mailboxes today.  (There was also a another mailer from The North Carolina Republican Senatorial Committee — the “affiliated committee” financed primarily by cash shaken down from lobbyists by Phil Berger and his crew.)

Interestingly —  today’s Chamber mailer featured the SAME notorious hard-hat photo from the first NCRSC mailer.  (Um — collusion, anyone?) 

Michelle Lexo has given no hint that she would be a problem for the business community in North Carolina.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.

THIS — in the case of both the Berger /  senatorial committee and Chamber mailings  — is about keeping an entity they know and can control in place in Raleigh.


4 thoughts on “#ncga: Raleigh special interests betting BIG on McInnis

  1. The Chamber today is a far cry from what it was decades ago;. It used to back free enterprise and limited government, but now backs corporate welfare, crony capitalism,. and big spending. It is the mother of all special interest groups. It’s national leader, Donohue, has made it clear that the one thing the Chamber does NOT want in office is conservatives. It prefers squishy establishment Republicans but has said it would consider backing Democrats against conservative Republicans in the general election.

    Chamber candidates are as bad as Cooper candidates, and they need to be defeated. The fact that the Chamber is backing McInnis says that conservatives should redouble their efforts to GET HIM OUT. The Chamber is absolute poison..

  2. Speaking of drivers licenses for illegals, I’m hearing that the sponsor of that measure, Larry Yarborough, just picked hisself up a primary challenger. Sounds like the House and Senate GOP caucuses is gonna be spewing $$ all over the place this spring.

  3. The Chanber is into other bad stuff as well as the issues mentioned above.

    The Chamber is in cahoots with the radical environmentalists of the CCA in trying to destroy our commercial fishing industry. Those big business toads are trying to put those hardy small businessmen out of business to please the environment left.

    The Chamber is also in cahoots with the wind and solar crony capitalists, and are thus opposing the free market in energy.

    I treat a Chamber endorsement the same way I would treat an AFL-CIO endorsement., That is NOT a candidate I want representing me.

    I have friends who have quit their local Chambers because of the leftward lurch of the state and national Chambers. A better approach is to work to disaffiliate local Chambers from the state and national bodies and change their names to show the public they are no longer connected.

    THe Chamber does NOT support conservatives. That a candidate is endorsed by the Chamber tells you he is NOT a conservative..

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