We told you earlier about the political consulting,um, “side job” of one Stephen Wiley — the deputy political director of the NC House GOP caucus.  It turns out that his boss, THE political director, has a political consulting firm on the side too. 

Matt Bales is the House GOP caucus political director. He is in charge of all things campaign-related for the GOP members of the lower chamber on Jones Street.  We helped Matt get famous nationally not too long ago.

In addition to his job coordinating the campaigns of all House Republicans, Bales is the co-founder and co-owner of Bellwether Insights.  Here’s how his partner in that enterprise describes the firm on his LinkedIn profile:

Soooo — it MIGHT be pretty helpful to this business and others if, say, someone were to take info they procured as part of the House caucus fundraising process and use that same info to benefit the paying clients of Bellwether Insights —  lobbyists and associations who then turn around and pay legislators.  And candidates who turn around and pay consultants.  Just thinking out loud.