#ncga: Alexander (R) being routed in Raleigh’s SD-18 $$$ chase by challenger Paul (D)

The Raleigh-based state senate seat held by John Alexander (R) is one of the top targets of state Democrats seeking to whittle down the GOP majority on Jones Street.

According to the latest campaign finance reports, challenger  Mack Paul (D) is literally giving Alexander a run for the money.

Alexander reported raising $6,750 in the first quarter of 2018.  Paul, on the other hand, reported raising $241,552.12 for the same period. 

In the second quarter, Alexander reported raising $26,688.  Compare that to the Paul campaign — which reported raising $121,204.84 during the same period.


2 thoughts on “#ncga: Alexander (R) being routed in Raleigh’s SD-18 $$$ chase by challenger Paul (D)

  1. $350+K for a state Senate seat 4 months out, is he running for the Tillis seat in DC? It will be fun to review his Campaign Finance filings to discover new sources of political capital. In Chicago that would but 35,000 votes at $10 per.

  2. How much of this is coming from the out of state far left? Much of the state Dems money comes from such sources, so it would make sense that the individual races are also taking that tainted money. George Soros maxed out to Roy Cooper and Josh Stein, so he and his allies are likely in the mix.

    This general election financial challenge just makes Republicans angry at the money the Senate caucus threw away in primaries which they had no business getting involved in..

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