#ncga: A primary for Kelly Hastings

He’s played games with his campaign fund — paying himself, paying family.  He’s taken a walk on key votes in the House.  He’s hung so close to leadership (i.e., Speaker Timmy) that he has a permanent brown stain on his nose.  His unfiltered Facebook commentary has provided plenty of comedy that I am sure he did not intend.  (He’s publicly inquired and speculated about buying a new car with those lobbyist-supplied campaign funds.)   Now, it looks like Kelly Hastings has a spirited primary challenger.

Charlene High, a former teacher and counselor, has stepped up to take on the veteran legislator.  She’s adopting a lot of the anti- “career politician” and “drain the swamp” rhetoric that appeals to so many.  I find her “Core Four” decision-making framework especially interesting:

1. Does this legislation match up with my Christian values?
2. Does this legislation pass Constitutional muster?
3. Is this a core function of Government that is necessary and affordable?
4. Will this legislation promote free markets and limited government?

So, folks in Cleveland and Gaston counties no longer have to settle in the NC House race.  You have a choice this year.