NC-03: Dacey takes a seat on the bandwagon

Right out of the starting gate, GOP candidate / Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey took to the radio airwaves and cyberspace to hug up tight to President Trump and question the conservative credentials of incumbent Walter Jones (who, by the way, is regularly ranked as one of the North Carolina delegation’s most conservative members).

Jones has countered with a couple of ads of his own.  Here’s one:

Listening to lobbyist Scott Dacey brag about being on the Trump Train made me do some checking as to exactly when he got on board.

 Looking at Scott Dacey’s personal Facebook page, there’s plenty of political talk, but no mention of Donald Trump winning the primary. 

There’s lobbyist Scott Dacey, bragging about being in Paul Ryan’s private suite at the Republican National Convention, but no mention of Donald Trump.  

How about after the election?  Still not even a word of Donald Trump. 

How about the Inauguration?  Still no congratulations to President Trump.  

You have to go to June of 2017  to see Scott Dacey’s first mention of Donald Trump, a few days before Dacey announced he was running for Congress. 

Scott Dacey is a career Washington lobbyist for Indian casinos.  He’s spent over 170 thousand dollars of his own money funding the establishment, both Democrats and Republicans. 

Scott Dacey wrote the checks to finance the politicians who built the swamp President Trump is trying to drain. 

So remember, lobbyist Scott Dacey isn’t on the Trump Train, he just jumped on the bandwagon. 

Oh, and here’s another:

Congressional candidate  and lobbyist Scott Dacey says he’s on the Trump Train, but he’s just jumped on the bandwagon, hoping to use the President to fool voters. 

The fact is lobbyist Scott Dacey has never given a dime to Donald Trump, but he’s given over 170 thousand dollars to support the builders of the swamp. 

In fact, his list of contributions to the establishment, both democrats and republicans, is so lengthy, we’ve had to hire an auctioneer to run through it.

(Auctioneer at fast speed) — Dacey political contributions.  We’ve got John Boehner, there’s one for Boehner, two for Boehner, three, four, a whole list for Boehner, let’s move on, we’ve got John McCain, one, three, five for John McCain.  Paul Ryan, there’s some for Ryan and the establishment. there’s four, five..

Let’s move on to the Democrats…  Got one for Charlie Rangel.. how about this, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, we’ve got one, two, wow eight for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee…

(fades out.)

So when you hear Scott Dacey say he’s on the Trump Train, just remember that he’s just a Washington  lobbyist who’s jumped on the bandwagon. 

2 thoughts on “NC-03: Dacey takes a seat on the bandwagon

  1. Everybody is talking about the Jones ads down east. They are funny but also get the point across. Can’t wait for Dacey to show up at our Tea Party meeting. I’m going to talk real fast like an auctioneer and see if his head spins.

  2. This reminds we of the old Jesse Helms TV ads on one of his Democrat opponents that played “look for the union label” in the background, while union contributions to the Democrat scrolled down the screen. But this one is the other way round, about Dacey’s contributions to liberals. That is even worse.

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