#ncga: A half-@$$ed Nelson causing A GOPe panic

The SS Nelson Dollar is taking on water, and the Wake County GOPe is working this very night — at precinct meetings — to bail it out.  Here’s ONE example: 


Nelson’s “leadership”‘?  Let’s see.  He wanted to spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS MORE nelsondthan what the General Assembly eventually agreed on. He single-handedly held up conservative reforms aimed at FIXING our money-bleeding Medicaid system.  (Working for the donors instead of the people.)  Ol’ Nelson has conspired with Tim Moore and David Lewis to kill and water down alsinking shipl kinds of conservative legislation.  He has helped kill efforts to wipe out government subsidies for solar interests.  His “consulting business” has turned his service in the legislature into a money-making venture. 

Yep.  That’s leadership.  Down into a hole.  Over a cliff.  

And sending out the goons to bad-mouth the average Joe who dared to file against him?    CLAAAAAAAASSY.  You’ve got this letter plus all of the nastiness on Facebook.  Words like “desperate.” “Lying.”   (Ask Pearl Burris-Floyd about ol’ Nelson and LYING.)

Yet Little Lord Nelson can’t seem to substantiate his claim of “lying” — even when his opponent challenges him to a $500 wager to do so. 

In 2004, Nelson Dollar mrn2was put up as a primary challenger to depose an out-of-touch arrogant RINO named David Miner.  Twelve years later, Nelson Dollar has become Miner.  

4 thoughts on “#ncga: A half-@$$ed Nelson causing A GOPe panic

  1. I used to have some respect for Bill Carraway, but after this letter, I have none whatsoever.

    A party officer is supposed to represent the interests of the Republican voters in his district, not be a mere flunky for an officeholder. This top-down mentality of Carraway is what is wrong with so many of our party leaders these days.

    When a politician goes bad and no longer represents the principles of the party, as Obama Republican Nelson Dollar clearly has, it is the duty of the party to replace him with someone who will represent party principles.

    Hooray for Mark Villee. He is doing what needs to be done for party principles.

    As to Carraway, he is using party titles to impact a primary, in violation of the Plan of Organization. He needs to be removed from whatever party offices he currently holds.

  2. Too bad Nelson Dollar Destroyed Mark in the straw poll last night in wake County. However, Wake Straw polls are meaningless. A few years ago Duane Cutlip wrecked Chris Malone in a straw poll like 85/15 and Malone won the primary like 90/10. Just sayin

  3. I take issue for Nelson$$$$$;s support in the straw poll last night, I was there and worked the room and was VERY impressed with those that strongly opposed Nelson$$$$ and his ability to utilize his position to enhance his PR business(representing other members of his State House) to me that should warrant an investigation if there might be a legitimate ethics board in the House—-HE also supports State Legislator David Lewis–Any more tyo say about that?
    And then the clear nepotism w/ Lorrie $$$ —his wife in a VERY high paying job in State Govt.

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