#ncga: a CROWD of RINOs, DEMs from House headed to budget conference with Senate

Last go around, the House sent 28 total conferees (including ONE Democrat).  This year, House leaders have appointed EIGHTY-TWO of the 120 House members to the conference committee.  That crowd of 82 includes 19 Democrats.  But bona fide conservatives are few and far between.  RINO123

Here’s the list:

2015-2016 Session


Wow. You’ve got enough “chairs” to fill a formal dining room table.  (A real special interest-coddling big-spending crowd of chairs, too, I might add.)  The RINOs are really leading the herd here. 

I had heard that leadership was going to send any staff or members not participating in the conference HOME so as to save taxpayer money.  But it appears they’ve appointed NEARLY EVERYONE.  So what would be the point? 

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  1. Ahh, but it gets better. OK, not really. Apparently, some folks in the House have been feeling the flak for increasing spending. One of them updated the folks back home when they defended their increased spending by saying that “the Senate was going to be cutting, so we need to give them things to cut”. How lame is that?

  2. With the Republican dunce sitting in the Governor’s Mansion, why is anyone surprised by all these dunces in the legislature? There is no leadership. The Republican Party stands for nothing. The Republicans will solve all our problems if we will just get rid of that flag! What a joke they are.

    1. Please don’t condemn legislative leadership.

      the Senate leadership has been stellar. Lets give them the credit they deserve!

      1. You are absolute right. The only leadership team that the grassroots of the party can depend on in Raleigh is Berger’s team in the Senate.

  3. Conference is where John Torbett will slip this years drone legislation into the budget, like he’s done the previous two years. Will anyone notice that State ability to use drones for surveillance has taken another step forward?

    No, of course you won’t. Because there isn’t a media outfit on the right or on the left, in this entire state, that is willing to report it.

  4. Tim Moore has outed himself as the John Boehner of North Carolina. Moore has put a bunch of Democrats on the conference committee but none of the most knowledgable and dependable conservatives. Moore’s conferees are the RINO’s, the Democrats, and the yes-men.

    Moore wants to align with Democrats and throw conservatives in his own party under the bus, just like John Boehner does in Washington. He even wants to send the conservatives home, not to save money, but to make sure they are not around to maybe influence some of the usual yes men.

    Tim Moore is behaving as even more of an anti-conservative than Thom Tillis did, and Tillis was pretty bad.

    Our hope is in the Senate, and I hope Berger has 100% solid people and not a single Democrat as his conferees.

    We need to tell GOP contributors that if they are giving to party committees, to give it ALL on the Senate side and not a dime to RINOs in the House. Better yet, give it directly to specific candidates you can trust, not to committees at all. and particularly give it to conservative primary challengers against RINOa. It is getting so that it is more important to beat Democrats in the GOP primary than in the general election.

    Also, let Berger know that the grassroots of the party has his back. He and his team are all we can depend upon in Raleigh.

  5. What you are seeing is the rise of progressive Repubicanism in the NC House. These are people who care about the polar bears.

    It was such a good political investment by the hard core environmental movement to buy those two progressive Republican consultants Dee Stewart and Paul Shumaker. That really got the ball rolling on lots of progressive legislation, by convincing the triumverate that really runs the House, Tim Moore, Nelson Dollar, and David Lewis that if they could get away with pushing President Obama’s green energy agenda, they could also get away with other progressive legislation and other projects of the president..

    Hooray for the progressives. Hooray for President Obama. Hooray for the polar bears. Tim Moore may be technically registered as a Republican, but he is one of the best functionally Democrat House Speakers NC has had in a long while, and David Lewis and Nelson Dollar are always right there to help him out.

    We progressives salute Speaker Moore for banishing those pesky conservatives. Who needs them if we are going to save polar bears?

  6. Hey Mr. Speaker,

    I see several area Democrats on this super-sized budget conference committee, but I do not see my Third District Republican Representative.

    Now somebody tell me, what is a Republican?

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