#ncga: a CROWD of RINOs, DEMs from House headed to budget conference with Senate

Last go around, the House sent 28 total conferees (including ONE Democrat).  This year, House leaders have appointed EIGHTY-TWO of the 120 House members to the conference committee.  That crowd of 82 includes 19 Democrats.  But bona fide conservatives are few and far between.  RINO123

Here’s the list:

2015-2016 Session


Wow. You’ve got enough “chairs” to fill a formal dining room table.  (A real special interest-coddling big-spending crowd of chairs, too, I might add.)  The RINOs are really leading the herd here. 

I had heard that leadership was going to send any staff or members not participating in the conference HOME so as to save taxpayer money.  But it appears they’ve appointed NEARLY EVERYONE.  So what would be the point?