#ncga: ‘I dunno. Whadda you wanna do?”

hagerThings are supposedly winding down in Raleigh. The GOP-controlled House and Senate are at an impasse over a state budget.  Word is that staff and non-essential legislators will be sent home so conferees and key committee chairmen can hunker down and work out a deal. 

In the midst of all of that, it appears that House majority leader Mike Hager is in search of something to do.  He sent this letter around today:


Representative XXXXXXXXX:

With adjournment fast approaching and an end in sight to our work this year,  I am reaching out to you with a question.  What are the top three pieces of legislation you would like to have passed by the end of session?

1. ———————————————

2. ———————————————–

3. ———————————————–

On Thursday I will send my legislative assistant around to your offices to collect these suggestions.

Well, bless his heart.  It sure is nice to ask.  It will be interesting to see how many really creative, humorous suggestions get written in.  But since it costs $50,000 per day to keep the place open for business, I’d suggest — in all three blanks — NOT ONE DAMN THING.  (Or a motion to adjourn.) 

2 thoughts on “#ncga: ‘I dunno. Whadda you wanna do?”

  1. Normally, I would also say “not one dang thing.” However, if I had a wish list – and I do – I would say pass HB 200 (Certificate of Need reform), pass a stronger version of H562 (2nd Amendment rights – yeah, it’s in the State Senate, so sue me), and pass a dadgum RFRA.

  2. The only thing McCrory and the Republicans are committed to is destroying the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans, one of this state’s oldest historical organizations whose members overwhelmingly vote Republican. The Republican Party has gone insane. They should move their sessions to a mental hospital.

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