NC11: Meadows, Jordan, Freedom Caucus ALL IN for Lynda Bennett



The Freedom Caucus,  whose members are arguably President Trump’s most loyal foot soldiers in the US House, has gone public with its endorsement of Haywood County GOP activist Lynda Bennett in the race to replace Mark Meadows in DC.  (One would have to assume this development puts the final nail in the coffin for that “Lynda Bennett is a Never-Trumper” argument.)




All of the GOP candidates (except former NCGOP vice chairman Wayne King) participated late last week in a candidate forum in Asheville.  During that event,  Bennett praised President Trump and promised to join The House Freedom Caucus upon her election.


This is the second time in recent months that Meadows and Jordan and The Freedom Caucus have played a high-profile role in a North Carolina election.   They aupported Greg Murphy in his special election victory to replace the late congressman Walter Jones.

1 thought on “NC11: Meadows, Jordan, Freedom Caucus ALL IN for Lynda Bennett

  1. I was bothered by the way Bennett benefited from Meadows’ manipulation of his not-running-again announcement, but now I’m just concerned with seeing the Republicans nominate someone that can take on the person I believe the Dems will pick: Moe Davis. The policy positions on Davis’ website read like a Liberal/Progressive dream. Expect some serious national money and backing. Now with all of Asheville in NC-11, the GOP better pick a winner in the primary…that doesn’t rely on a script.

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