NC Dems and their muddled definition of ‘extremism’




Things are so bad for The North Carolina Democratic Party that Linda Coleman, nominee for lieutenant governor, is their last best hope for something to celebrate on the eve of November 6.  Coleman, long a part of the highly-successful Bev Perdue administration, has no achievements to hang her hat on.  So, she and her paymasters at SEIU Local 2008 are throwing everything — including the kitchen sink — at Republican nominee Dan Forest.

The latest slap at Forest is a web site labeling him as “extremist.”  What qualifies him as “extreme”?  The site cites this quote from Forest:

“We need to elect leaders with the backbone to give the stiff arm to the federal government whenever the feds try to usurp powers that are not expressly given unto it. The current executive team in Raleigh has failed in this effort. We need a new President and new Congress to overturn Obamacare. And a new executive team in Raleigh to stand against any future federal encroachments.”

Last time I checked — Obamacare is wildly unpopular.  It cost a lot of congressional incumbents their jobs in 2010 — and will likely cost the author of the legislation HIS JOB in 2012.  So, blocking the feds from doing things that are not assigned to it by the Constitution is extremist?  Hmmm.  Interesting.

Here’s another example the union cites as  Forest “extremism”:

In April 2012, Forest answered a Tea Party of Gaston County questionnaire by saying he was in favor of drug tests for recipients of government assistance.

*OMG! *   We can’t have THAT !!!!  Seriously,  I think you’d easily find majorities of voters — outside Orange County — in favor of that.

And let’s not forget this:

“We also need leaders who are willing to protect our state’s powers. The 10th Amendment to the Constitution tells us that all powers not given to the national government are reserved for the states. We need leaders who are willing to stand up for these powers and reject the over-reaching power play by the federal government.”

Anybody out there who HONESTLY thinks the federal government needs MORE power? And one more piece of “extremism”:

In January 2012, Forest said he wanted the state to approve English as its official language.


Let’s take a look at Linda Coleman.  She came out strongly against the marriage amendment to the state constitution.   Roughly two thirds of state voters saw things differently from her.  SO, does that make her an “extremist” on the issue of gay marriage? She’s clearly not within the mainstream of statewide opinion.

Coleman also came out in favor of an increase in the state sales tax — a concept that couldn’t muster enough votes from either party on Jones Street to pass either chamber.  I’m not sure you can find a poll — of people outside Orange County — that would find a majority wanting to  pay more in taxes.   The idea can’t pass the General Assembly and can’t muster a majority in favor of it (outside of Orange County).  So, does this make Coleman an extremist?

SEIU Local 2008 is a major financier of Coleman’s campaign.  Here and Here are great pieces on the union’s record. Sounds like a real mainstream bunch of folks, huh?

SEIU seems to have a problem with Forest’s association with Tea Party groups.  It is universally acknowledged that the Tea Party played a huge role in the political changes we saw in DC and Raleigh in 2010.  The  union, the Dems, and their media allies try to tell us the Tea Party is extreme, while Occupy is NOT.   Here’s a great piece that shoots holes in that line of BS.



3 thoughts on “NC Dems and their muddled definition of ‘extremism’

  1. Extremism? That is the middle name of SEIU – Socialist Extremist Idiotic Union. They have a record of very left wing extremism and are very militant. Having them or one of their sock puppet candidates call anyone else extremist is just laughable.

  2. Last night we were watching the Food Channel and up popped a picture of Dana Cope and Linda Colemen. I thought that was strange. Why would she have her picture next to his? I was so surprised to see Linda, whom I pretty much thought was mainline democrate, associated with Dana Cope. A few years ago, SEANC was a wonderful association for state workers. My friend’s father was once its president. He was conservative. Then it sold out to the left-wing union, SEIU, and brought in Dana Cope who has slowly worked his way up to where he is serving as Vice President of their national board in Washington, D.C. (Think ACORN and Andy Stern) They supported Occupy Wallstreet’s movement! They will continually work for Collective Bargaining for NC. Linda is also supported by union-controlled public schools (NCAE), so that while the rich can have the choice to send their kids to private schools, the poor (many who are minorities) have no choice for their education. Sadly, she is for abortion –eliminating chances for all the aborted little girls in NC to never literally see the light of day. Plus, I wonder if Linda Coleman has ever read what the founder of Planned Parenthood said about blacks? Sickening. Left-wing Dana Cope with Linda Coleman? That should be a game-changer for anyone wanting to support Coleman for Lt. Gov.

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