NC Campaign 2012: A Tale of TWO videos


Like many conservatives, I’ve been disappointed with A LOT of the cards we’ve been dealt this election season.  Many of my Tea Party friends are trying HARD to rationalize campaigning and voting FOR the top of the state and national GOP tickets.  Recent hijinks in Raleigh and Tampa, as well as the surfacing of two eye-opening videos, are making THAT task harder.

First, let’s tackle THIS video — a segment of a public affairs program called  Agenda Charlotte hosted by then-Mayor Pat McCrory.  Pat’s guest on this episode was then-Speaker Jim Black. Check out the video to see how hard Mayor Pat raked this felonious rascal over the coals:

“[…] The last legislative session was one of the best run and least time-consuming of any session in recent history. Speaker Black gets the lion’s share of credit for being business-like, compromising, collaborative, and for being as bi-partisan as any speaker I have observed. […] “

OK, show of hands.  How many Republican legislators, who served in the House during Jim Black’s reign of terror, agree with that assessment?   (Um, McCrory IS the REPUBLICAN nominee for governor, right? RIGHT?)

If you watch the video, you see the ex-con himself blushing somewhat over Pat’s fawning.  Black tells hizzoner that he likes to occasionally get in some family time and golf when he’s not compromising and being bi-partisan.  In response to the golf comment, Pat quips:

“And you take my money every time, Jim, I might add.”

Hmmm. Taking Money.  Now THAT is the Jim Black we ALL know.

This week, a lot of Tea Party folks were upset over some parliamentary trickery by the GOP establishment at the convention in Tampa.  Basically, the party folks were trying to write grassroots activists (read TEA PARTY) out of the presidential nominating process in perpetuity.  A lot of grassroots folks, caught off guard, raised a ruckus.  Charges of meddling and sabotage on the rules committee were thrown about.  The establishment’s resolution passed thanks to a highly dubious voice vote.  A video, which appears to have been shot at the convention during that controversial vote, looks like it confirms suspicions about establishment monkey business. If you watch the teleprompter in the video closely, you will see that the vote’s result appears to have been predetermined.

The way I see it — our number one mission is STILL the eviction of Barry Obama from 1600 Penn.  Once that’s done, we turn our sights on THESE people, who beg for our cooperation then stab us in the back. To them, this is all a business.  To us, it’s about saving the country.

Enough is enough.  I’m tired of being rolled and taken advantage of.  If these people want a war, I say let’s give it to them — after November 6.