NC-09: Bishop gets a little help from some deep-pocketed friends


It’s only fair.  Dan McCready and his Chinese solar panels have been coddled and babied for over a year by  the drive-by media and their compatriots in the national activist left. has gone live on the Internet to show how our little man has used the government and our money to make himself rich.  The Club For Growth, which champions fiscal conservative candidates for Congress, has launched an ad critical of those same business practices by McCready.



Meanwhile,  McCready supporters are touting the success of a “lgbtqa” phone bank.  (That’s not a typo.  The “a” stands for “asexual.”  “Dr. Google” says so.)  Their man’s campaign reports show that the campaign has been paying professional gay activists to come down to the Ninth District from DC since the FIRST general election  when Mark Harris was the nominee.


2 thoughts on “NC-09: Bishop gets a little help from some deep-pocketed friends

  1. McCready should organize a gay pride motorcade down the Andrew Jackson Highway (74)
    to show his support of these perverts and confused human beings. It’s the least he could do
    to show his unapologetic support and how he plans to vote for their continued benefits and
    growing numbers. What else can he do but what is right for these constituents. Be proud Dan.
    Be proud.

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