NC-09: A smoking gun that potentially clears Mark Harris, McCrae Dowless?


In the latter part of the 2018 and the early months of 2019,  Democrats and the drive-by media (and some “helpful” Republicans)  regaled us with sordid stories of “vote fraud” by McCrae Dowless and his patron, Republican candidate Mark Harris, in the Ninth District congressional race.


We’ve come across some documentation that just might blow a hole in that whole narrative and the argument used to call for a new election.  Here’s a memo (HERE and HERE) from  state board of elections employee Veronica DeGraffenreid  explaining to county elections workers about revisions that need to be made to absentee ballot envelopes.


Here’s the key part of the label the state board wanted added to the absentee ballot envelopes:



“I am providing assistance because a near relative or legal guardian is unavailable to assist the voter.”   Soooooooo — it sounds like, if  a voter asks McCrae Dowless for help in delivering their ballot, everything is A-OKAY as far as the board of elections is concerned. If someone wants that to happen, it looks like they can simply check the second box on this label.    The same information on that label can be found on this “Absentee Application and Certificate.”




Okay, now soak that in before we get into this second part.  The state board also circulated this flier with what looks like really conflicting information.


Pay close attention to Item #1 on that flier, which we have blown up for better viewing below:



Okay.  So, state elections folks have told us in TWO PLACES that it is OK for someone other than  “your near relative or legal guardian” to mail your ballot, and in ONE PLACE that it is not.  SO, which one is RIGHT?


The director of the  Union County board of elections apparently had the same question we do.  Here’s her email to the brain trust at the state board.  


That email is dated March 29, 2019.  It is our understanding it has yet to gain a response from Raleigh.


4 thoughts on “NC-09: A smoking gun that potentially clears Mark Harris, McCrae Dowless?

  1. In California they passed a law to allow anyone to pick up absentee ballots. Non profits financed by liberal and leftist groups “harvest” these ballots. The language in the “Absentee Application and Certificate ” would make the “harvesting” of ballots legal here also if conducted properly and the person delivering them to the elections board then signed their name. upon delivery. If this is indeed the case then perhaps Harris should seek injunctive relief and stop the new election.

  2. Let’s see… first her agency hid the fact that subtle loopholes already made ballot harvesting impossible to prosecute in NC. Then, they let a slick DC attorney beat up a hapless Republican congressional candidate until he conceded defeat (despite a 905-vote win). Then her staff worked with the Legislature to make ballot harvesting even easier to commit…. Expressing disappointment in Kim Strach’s tenure would be an understatement.

  3. Maybe we should make McCrae Dowless executive director of NCBOE.
    And is it time for Mark Harris to sue to get his rightful seat in Congress?????

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