NC-09: A Green!


Yes, it appears the Green Party will join the Libertarian  Party, the Republicans and Democrat Ginger McCready in this scrum  for the Ninth Congressional District.    Loran Allen Smith of Charlotte will carry the tree-hugger (and likely recyclable) banner into the general election.

Halfway through  Day 3, the Republican candidates are STILL Stony Rushing and Fern Shubert, both of Union County.  That’s strange, given all the talk of “big names” supposedly eyeing the race in the last few weeks.  My theory about the NCGOPe throwing / conceding this special election is gaining credence by the minute.

Stony Rushing has some serious personal baggage. And he’s the kind of guy that makes the tap-dancing, pinkie-in-the-air, bowtie-wearing John Hood types in Raleigh absolutely retch.

Fern Shubert is despised by the party establishment.  She wasn’t shy about calling out corrupt members of her own party while she was in The General Assembly.  If you like Dale Folwell, or were a fan of the late Walter B. Jones, Jr., you’ll really appreciate Fern Shubert.  She’s right out of that mold.

Lefty goons are already attacking Fern for THIS piece of heresy:

“[t]he government’s attack on traditional families is already reflected in rising crime rates. Anyone who cares about the future should seek to structure a society that provides the best environment for raising children, and that is the traditional two parent family.”

The NCGOPe was glad to see her depart from political life in the state capital.   It’s shocking that they would not try to block her path to Washington, much less the nomination.

The thought process among establishment types may be:  Let McCready play congressman for a little while.  “We” can take the seat back in 2020 with Donald Trump and Dan Forest leading the ticket.  But just think of the damage lil’ Ginger can do between now and January 2021.  Granted, he’ll be just to the left of Pittenger.  

But they’ll be surrendering on a seat held by the Republicans for SIXTY YEARS.   That’s a big concession. If they’ll surrender here, what else will they surrender on?  (*The state Supreme Court?*)

The Ninth District is very winnable for a Republican who runs a competent campaign. As a Republican, it’s your race to lose.

It would be really nice to shock the world and hand lil’ Ginger McCready his second loss in consecutive years to different opponents.  Granted, he’ll lawyer up and cry like a b!tch one more time.  Hopefully, the next Republican victor will show more courage and competence in fighting back than the last one did.