#NC-07: Rouzer needs to read The Constitution TOO!

Dingbat disease is spreading from the Second Congressional District over to the Seventh.  We wrote earlier aboutDavidRouzer-240x300 Renee Ellmers’s mind-blowing defense of TPA and TPP.   It appears David Rouzer is headed down that same path:

“Passing TPA is critical to reestablishing and asserting American leadership in the world.  Our allies want to know that America is committed to trade and leading the global economy.   They want to see proof that the foreign policy of the Obama Administration is a temporary aversion from America’s traditional position of strength and engagement — not a permanent one.  Passage of TPA sends a strong signal that America is back on the world stage and ready to lead.  Furthermore, this bill puts in place specific criteria that must be adhered to when negotiating trade agreements. It requires consistent consultation with Congress, and also requires trade agreements to be made public, so that the American people and Congress can evaluate them thoroughly.  Currently, this president and administration are not obligated to follow these measures — passing TPA changes that,” said Congressman David Rouzer.

Okay, hold up.  We NEED this to pass so Congress can be consulted and included?  We ALREADY have a 200 year-plus old requirement for that — Article 2, section 2, clause 2 of the US Constitution !  If the president negotiates an agreement with foreigners, it has to be ratified by our elected representatives on Capitol Hill. bill-cosby-500

And Rouzer expects us to believe this legislation — whose details are kept under lock and key and out of public view — is going to guarantee future transparency?  Don’t tell me that’s rain, congressman.  It smells and looks way too much like urine. 

“Opening new markets for our businesses and farm families in Southeastern North Carolina is critical to economic growth here in the 7th Congressional District.  TPA puts a process in place that makes it easier to open foreign markets to sell our products and create more jobs.  Even more important, it means America will be writing the rules of the global economy — not China.”

Nope.  Hard work, investment capital, smarts, some luck, and government staying out of the way are CRITICAL to economic growth.

Again, there are all kinds of folks who do this type of thing all the time with a little thingie called The Internet.  This Internet thing is an amazing device for connecting people around the world.  I’ve got friends who have done it.  I’ve done it myself in my businesses.  And I didn’t need the taxpayers or Washington or Raleigh to help!

This is getting ridiculous. What is THE REAL story here?  Has someone been handing out really good bribes campaign contribution checks?

4 thoughts on “#NC-07: Rouzer needs to read The Constitution TOO!

  1. They DO brazenly defy the wishes of the Party faithful, don’t they. Judging from the talk I’m hearing in my County Party, Richard Burr had better hope the Dems don’t pick someone credible to oppose him because these folks won’t lift a finger to help Burr this time around.

  2. As a resident of NC7 several activists just last week had a meeting with Rouzer’s Deputy Political Director in Rouzer’s Bolivia office about this issue. He mostly took notes, but they use the talking point that in order to keep Obama under their wing, they must pass TPA so they can get an up or down vote on his treaties. They have that power already, so why are they giving it away only to get it back? INSANE. We also keep pressing for open town halls. We were told they are working on some maybe at the end of the year. HUH? We suggested August during that month long recess. We are trying and hope to be successful. Sad that we have to press so hard with someone who claims to represent the people to meet with us, his employers.

  3. Rouzer is an example of the worst sort of politician. As a member of the state senate redistricting commission, he drew this district for himself. If there is ever a self serving move by a politician, that is it.

    Before being a state senator, Rouzer was a lobbyist on K Street in Washington, DC and that says it all. No thinking voter should ever elect an ex-lobbyist, ex-consultant, or ex-PR guy to any public office. Those guys will always serve the special interests instead of the people, and that is exactly what Rouzer is doing, on this and other issues.

    The other thing that defines Rouzer is the way he embraced Boehner and the beltway establishment in his last primary, and the way they embraced him. Now that Boehner is a full blown Obama enabler, Rouzer scurried along like a little puppy dog trying to please his master. I think the most disgusting thing in the last primary was listening to the ads of the Boehner affiliated PAC, American Action Network. This is the same PAC which this year ran ads attacking GOP incumbents who refused to go along with one of Boehner’s cave-ins to Obama back in their districts. In Rouzer’s case they ran very sicko ads smearing his primary opponent Woody White, who is an attorney who does criminal defense work. The Boehner camp’s ads suggested that White agreed with the crimes his clients had committed. That PAC, by the way, is headed by former liberal Republican Senator Norm Coleman.

    Rouzer has all the wrong friends in DC, and you can expect him to vote wrong more than he votes right. The 7th district deserves better.

  4. What part of No do they not understand. Not one treaty passed in the past century has done anything for the working people. All treaties greatly enhance the multi-national corporations who are running our government. It would be commendable of them to actually read and follow the Constitution. We the People don’t ask for too much, just do your job you were elected to do.

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