#nc-02: The Lyin’ Queen takes to the airwaves AGAIN

glareNow, she’s mixing it up on us.  In between taxpayer-funded campaign mail drops, Big Government Barbie is taking to the airwaves with the help of something called The American Action Network.  What is that, you ask? 

It’s a Super PAC led mostly by Wall Street and Inside-the-Beltway influence peddlers who may or may not have Rs next to their names and may not be so opposed to a lot of Barry Obama’s shenanigans.  In fact, they share office space with Karl Rove’s political operation. *Surely, just a coincidence.*

Last election cycle, the group took some heat in conservative circles for backing pro-amnesty Republicans and attacking anti-amnesty conservatives.

Well, AAN is on the airwaves in the Second District again for Renee Ellmers during what looks like a relatively tough primary fight.  The ad praises Ellmers for “working with Speaker Paul Ryan to balance the budget and tackle the debt.”    Really?  Seriously? 

According to the US Treasury Department, the federal debt has risen from $13,561,623,030,891.79 in 2010the year Ellmers was first elected — to $18,150,604,277,750.63 in September 2015.    She’s also voted for EVERY measure to raise the debt ceiling that’s come through the House.   The “tackling” the ad refers to must be some of that wimpy, wussy arm-tackling I am seeing WAY too much of on Saturdays and Sundays this year. 

Also — the last time the federal budget was BALANCED was 1998.  That was TWELVE YEARS before Ellmers joined the US House.

And, I’m not so sure Paul Ryan is dying to have her “help.” How, um, “helpful” was she to the guy who was supposed to be speaker? mouth

We’re getting used to being lied to by this woman.  In 2012, she described herself as a ‘fighter for family values’ on a TV ad mere months after she publicly blasted the marriage amendment to the state constitution.

The big question here is:  Can any of Ellmers’s primary opponents make this case to the district’s voters —  low information and otherwise?  Reportedly, there is a large crowd out there ready to run against her.  But we’re hearing little to nothing in terms of criticism of the incumbent or offering an alternative.