NC-02: Ellmers agrees with Obama, tightens her embrace of the Green crowd

The media describe Renee Ellmers as a darling of the Tea Party. She’s got an overwhelmingly GOP district.  Renee votes to increasemouth spending and the debt ceiling.  She gets reelected with 60 percent of the vote.  She berates her own constituents for criticizing her pro-amnesty views. She gets reelected with 60 percent of the vote.  This woman is a piece of work.  Campaigning like a doctrinaire conservative, and then pandering for the affection of the DC statists after the election is over.

We’ve already reported on conservative concerns about Ellmers and taxpayer subsidies for “alternative energy.”  Now, Renee appears to be diving head-first into good ol’ fashioned statism / radical environmentalism:

Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers says the federal government needs a climate policy, but rolling back the one put in place by President Obama is at the top of House Republicans’ agenda.Renee Ellmers

The North Carolina Republican said that regulations ought to be done in a “reasonable, commonsense fashion,” but Ellmers said the Envronmental Protection Agency “has been incredibly overbearing” in its administration of carbon regulations for power plants. Ellmers spoke Thursday at a National Journal event underwritten by the Wireless Foundation.

Still, Ellmers admitted that some work needs to be done to address domestic carbon emissions. Asked if she agreed with President Obama that the country’s reserves of coal could not all be burned, Ellmers responded: “I don’t think we can. I think he’s right there.” […]

So, Barry’s right?  Is THAT what the voters said on November 4? MORE: 

[…] Ellmers expressed hope that the Republican majority would force Democrats and the White House to come to the table to work on an energy agenda, especially if the two chambers have to go to a conference to negotiate on any energy bill. “We’ll continue to try to work with the president, but I see the last two years [of Obama’s term] as building years for us to make growth on areas we can agree on,” she said. […]treehug

McNerney and Ellmers cochair the bipartisan Grid Innovation Caucus, which is designed to promote smart-grid technology to improve electricity reliability and security and make the grid more efficient. Both said that the federal government should play a role in incentivizing utilities and states invest in a modern grid, but that most of the growth would come from the technology sector through the production of more-efficient technology.[…]

Renee Ellmers (Ellmers for Congress)That means our “Tea Party darling” congresswoman thinks even more of our tax money should go into the pockets of monopolistic utility companies. *Oh, yeah.  Big corporations with a monopoly have PLENTY of incentive to innovate and increase efficiency.*

And does she seriously expect us to believe that the federal government — that *smooth, highly-efficient picture of efficiency and cost-effectiveness* — can actually contribute to making power-generation more efficient? 

The Soviets invented the term “useful idiot.” To the left, and the DC establishment, that term fits Renee Ellmers perfectly.  To those of us back here in her district who actually THINK, a more appropriate label for her would be  “useless idiot.”beg

How far does this woman have to go before conservative voters in the Second District say ‘Enough!’ ???   SOMEBODY, please, primary this woman.  Please. (Please.) 


20 thoughts on “NC-02: Ellmers agrees with Obama, tightens her embrace of the Green crowd

      1. More of your useless leftwing talking points. It does not matter whether the primary opponent is male or female, only that they hold limited government views on public policy.

        Oh, and I guess in your scheme of things your support of Clay Akin would be a ”war on women” act?

        1. I don’t care that we will usually/always cast our vote to opposing sides. When you use slurs to refer to women it is further illustration of a symptom of the Right.

    1. You can’t win the Kentucky Derby on a mule. Although there are some might pretty mules down around Benson. However, best give some thought to someone “electable.”

  1. Get back to us with your War on Women talk, while your side has supported Ted Kennedy, BJ Clinton, Brylcreem Boy Edwards and various other misogynistic pandering politicians. What a JOKE!

  2. I dont recall… what exactly ever got her a “Tea Party” label?

    Did her initial campaign rhetoric swing that far away from what she actually is? OR was it all just “get rid of Ethridge anyone will do”?

    She’s certainly been not only a useful idiot for the establishment big government GOP, but a lucky one – able to slip by the Ethridge train wreck, and then ran this last campaign against a not-exciting field of potential contenders.

    Hopefully this will be her last term, and she’ll just use it quietly – to pay off her beach lot and not do “too” much damage. 🙂

    1. She won tea party support by campaigning on a Repeal Obamacare, stop illegal immigration, oppose expansion of government, rein in the IRS, EPA, etc., reducing government over reach. Apparently it was strictly lip service. The bid was she’s got to be better than Ethridge. The reality is – NOT MUCH! Once again we elected a republican who goes to Congress only to be part of the problem and once elected into a carefully crafted district is nearly impossible to defeat.

      1. In other words, she told a bunch of ”Obamas” (lies) in order to get elected, then thumbed her nose at the voters. Total dishonesty.

    1. A little early there Ginny. I would expect a serious candidate to come out around the middle of next year maybe. Or, if she keeps making statements like this one, sooner.

  3. Renee has not even started her next term and already talk of a primary opponent.

    Let’s hope for the sake of some excitement that her primary opponent will be better than the last feeble attempt to remove her.

    Talk is cheap.

    1. The first string candidate did not get in at the last minute this time, leaving it to a third stringer who gave her a run for her money. The third stringer did not have the funds to get the message out about Ellmers’ awful record to the average voters. Those who follow politics closely, like party activists, got the message and dumped Ellmers. Look at the straw poll at the district GOP convention and the GOP county conventions. A challenger mainly needs to have funds to get the message out beyond those who follow politics closely. Ellmers is awful on the issues, no better than an undocumented Democrat.

      1. A straw poll? Isn’t that where you ask your best friends who they are going to vote for?

        The poll that counts is the actual vote count. That is what sends you to Congress.

        1. Not big on straw polls myself, but I would hardly call a GOP County Convention a “group of Friends”. I’ve been to several where I wished I’d brought a knife for protection, and was looking for the nearest exit. They can also fore tell things to come. And remember, Junior, the next election cycle begins the day after the last election. A trusted friend tells me that every 2 years, first Wednesday in November.

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