My government shut down, and I barely noticed.

If I hadn’t checked in with the drivebys this morning, I would have had no idea we were in the midst of a government shutdown.

Of course, the drivebys want you to believe the country is paralyzed AND the GOP is to blame.   Never mind that the shutdown only affects federally-managed tourist attractions and a few other non-essential things. Yet the drivebys will find some families with kids crying about their vacation being ruined to put on camera.

There are 535 folks up there whose main job is to put together a budget for the government to live by.  It rarely gets done.  (The last time? 2009.)

These continuing resolutions are merely non-binding appropriations bills. Easy ways to keep spending and please the lobbyists and donors without ANY accountability. 

Other than the prison guards, border guards, military, and air traffic controllers, how much of federal spending is actually essential? I say pull the plug on all BUT THAT STUFF. The heat will really be on the charlatans on Capitol Hill then.

Don’t turn the spigot back on until they come up with a real budget where our liabilities are honestly addressed and revenues and expenditures actually match up.


3 thoughts on “My government shut down, and I barely noticed.

  1. And to think the fire is fueled with fiat money. One day, the shiat is going to hit the fan.

    Browny Douglas

  2. Now is the time for the House to pass a 2-year budget & send to Senate. Then we’ll really see who is naughty & nice.

  3. So, maybe we need the shutdown to stay in effect for several weeks so the general public has time to learn why it is really happening, specifically: Democrats like Chuckie Schumer supporting sanctuary cities & states (and the murderous thugs they breed), plus the visa lottery, chain migration, and DACA Dreamers with a population of anywhere between 625,000 and 4 million, depending on how you define “Dreamer”. Oh, and Chuckie also wants to block any wall-building on our southern border. And all of this is blocking funding for a government that benefits real American citizens… folks who paid the taxes that pay for those benefits!!!

    Yep, let’s let Chuckie stand in the well of the Senate and make up BS about Republicans causing the shutdown. In 3, maybe 4 weeks most voters will have figured out who’s to blame for what, and that all the hand-wringing and angst by Dems is “theater”. Mitch McConnell will have plenty of time on his hands, so maybe his speeches in the well should cover the internal memo from Democrat operative Jen Palmieri stating that “The fight to protect Dreamers is … a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success”. Yep, the voters should know that, too: Dem’s don’t really give a happy rat’s patootie about Dreamers. It’s all about their votes.

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