Moore GOP women turn DC’s war on women meme on its head

teaYou hear the same spin all over the place — the war on women, conservatism chasing away women voters into the arms of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. Yadda-yadda-yadda.

Some of the same ladies the pundits try to tell us are running away from Cruz and Trump gave DC pundit Patrick Haggerty the business at the Moore Republican Women luncheon in Pinehurst last week.  (Watch this video starting at about the 50 minute mark.) 

Haggerty started to raise the ire of the ladies by harping on “electability”.  “Do you want President Hillary Clinton or a Republican?,” he asked the ladies during his presentation.

Haggerty cited John Kasich and Jeb Bush as an example of an “electable” ticket.  He stuck with that theme even as audience members pointed out that Cruz and Trump have been winning, while Kasich and Bush have not. 

Haggerty asked whether the audience thought Donald Trump was “electable,” and was met by a resounding chorus of “Yes.”

“Why do people in Washington think we are so stupid that we can’t make an intelligent decision?,” one woman in the audience asked Haggerty — hitting on the whole brokered, open convention theme Haggerty appeared to champion. cruz-trump-2016

Club president Kay Wildt closed the meeting with a call for the ”inner circle” and “old guard” to allow grassroots newcomers in on the party’s processes.

The moral of this story?  Don’t get down from listening to the drive-bys.  Get out and listen to REAL PEOPLE.