Moore County Democrat chairman needs a lesson on civility, himself

It’s interesting to see the chairman of Moore County’s “small-enough-to-fit-in-a-phone-booth” Democrat Party lecturing Rush Limbaugh AND Moore County GOP Chairman Bob Levy — one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet — on civility.

Chairman Jim Heim writes in our Nobel Prize-winning local paper that Rush and Bob owe some Georgetown University student an apology.  Yet, Heim refuses to apologize for a nasty smear of Southern Pines Town Councilman Fred Walden — one of the few black elected officials in Moore County outside of Taylortown —   he posted on Facebook  a few months ago.    (Scroll to the bottom of the hyperlinked document.)

On Facebook, Heim described Walden — an active Democrat — as ” a font of pure ignorance and misinformation.”

So, Jim likes to call people — even black Democrats — bad names.  Perhaps he ought to practice what he preaches and APOLOGIZE TO COUNCILMAN WALDEN. 

If you’ll remember, ol’ Jim sponsored this crazy Occupy Broad Street event late last year.  He and his comrades railed about ‘the rich,’ then Jim headed home to his Moore County horse farm.   (Jim, do you REALIZE how many homeless people you could house in your pastures?  The possibilities are endless.)