Medicaid expanded: Once again, the special interests win.

Again, is this another example of the *great things* a Republican majority brings us? They’ve sold us down the river on gun rights, energy, and now on health care and the concept of small government.

I can’t recall anything moving this fast through Jones Street.  The piles of cash must be changing hands at the speed of light.  The bundles of bills (unmarked $20s) must be thicker than ever.  (Baggier pants — two sizes too big — were likely needed to fit all those wads of money in pockets. )

It didn’t matter that there are all kinds of studies out there showing Medicaid expansion creating a multi-multi-multi-million dollar funding gap in the budget that will have to be filled with more spending and more / higher taxes.   The lobbyist cash had to be flowing like whiskey over at Sullivan’s. When the cash spigot gets turned on, the *honorables* forget all about US. 

THIS is the final nail in the coffin for private insurance — hammered into place by Obamacare. New and higher taxes on private health plans and providers will likely price everyone out of private insurance and lead everyone onto the Medicaid rolls.  We’ll all be dependent serfs, thanks to our alleged representatives and servants in Raleigh.

There has been little to no effort to reform regulations to help lower the cost of health care.  They instead went the route they know best — pump more cash into the quagmire.  ALL of us will soon know what it’s like to depend on the VA.  We’ll finally understand what our veterans have been grumbling about.  I defy anyone to give an example of government taking over something and making it more efficient, cost-effective and customer-friendly.

The folks dumping all that cash out on Jones Street are getting exactly what they wanted.  Hospitals win big time, here.

Medicaid expansion allows for the expansion of sex change services for minors. ECU, UNC, and Duke are all neck-deep into that travesty.  (Speaker Timmy has TWO, count ’em, TWO close cronies on the six-figure payroll at UNC. So, they win too.)

Donnie Lambeth — an alleged Republican and former hospital exec — led this Charlie Foxtrot.   Freshman Republican Tim Reeder – a recent health care lobbyist and now senior staffer at ECU Medical Center – voted for it.

Both announced 2024 Republican candidates for Labor Commissioner — Ben Moss and Jon Hardister — voted for expansion. So, we clearly need a third choice in that primary. 

Two of Moore County’s three House reps — Ben Moss and John Saul – voted for expansion. Neal Jackson said NO.

Jackson has demonstrated quite a bit of courage thus far in the session.  He’s taken some strong conservative stands likely get him some heat from leadership.  Jackson needs to remember — like so many of them do as well — that he works for US and NOT Speaker Timmy.

This still has to get through the Senate and past ol’ Roy.  I am not expecting much in the way of courage from Senate Republicans.  Phil Berger and Speaker Timmy were in the media recently talking about what they can do to please Governor Doofus.  That’s not what they got elected to do.

People out here like the GOP’s small government platform and want desperately for some leaders to protect them from the big government leviathan.

It’s a shame that so many elected GOPers run from the concept of smaller government like it’s a skunk or a rattlesnake. 

We all have a choice here.  We can keep mindlessly voting for the guys and gals with (R) next to their name.  Or we can throw out a lot of the current bums on Jones Street and replace them with folks who actually think first and foremost of the folks back home.

God help us.