McCrory-Muhammad 2024: ‘Gov. Pat’ goes OFF into FAR left field

Pat McCrory played a huge role in damaging conservatism and Republicanism in Mecklenburg County and North Carolina.  Now he’s partnering up with a quite sketchy crew to do more of the same on a national level:

Former Gov. Pat McCrory says he’s is tired of your labels. He’s doesn’t consider himself a “radical extremist Republican” or a “left-wing RINO” — Republican in Name Only. McCrory said he’s tired of Republicans and Democrats choosing whose names appear on ballots when he believes the majority of Americans don’t support people chosen by the two major parties. And he’s tired of people not having another choice.[…]

Me too, Pat.  I’m tired of your Uptown crowd clearing the field and protecting Thom Tillis.  I, like many others, would LOVE another choice for US Senate.


[…] That’s why McCrory has joined forces with civil rights leader Benjamin Chavis Jr. to help develop a presidential 2024 unity ticket for the self-described centrist group, No Labels. McCrory, a Republican, is the former mayor of Charlotte and ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate in 2022. Chavis has a resume that includes working with Martin Luther King Jr., being a leader of the Wilmington 10 and considered the godfather of the environmental justice movement.[…]

Seriously?  They’re trying to pass Chavis off as a ‘centrist’???   A convicted domestic terrorist.  The writer neglected to mention Chavis’ ouster as head of the national NAACP, or his taking on the name Muhammad and joining up with The Nation of Islam.  That’s right — Benjamin Chavis Muhammad.


[…] Before you ask, McCrory quickly cleared up any notion his name might be on that ticket. He isn’t planning to run for president in 2024 and says he’s still “as strong of a Republican as I ever was.” But he is serving as a volunteer for the organization.[…]

Oh, Pat’s NOT running?  I’m sure a huge sigh of relief just went up in the vicinity of Trump 2024 HQ.


[…] No Labels, a group founded in 2010, plans to run a third-party candidate only if data shows that Americans aren’t satisfied with the party nominees and the No Labels candidates have a path forward to win, McCrory said. It’s working to be recognized as a third-party option on ballots in all 50 states, a costly endeavor. “The people are saying very loudly that two parties might be nominating two candidates that most people don’t want,” McCrory said. “To me the two parties are failing.”[,,,]

The voters didn’t swoon over his 2022 Senate campaign ad with the wheelbarrow full of fly-infested manure. So, the GOP MUST be ‘failing.’ (*It CAN’T be HIM, right?  Um, right?*)


[…] On Tuesday, McCrory and former Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut, will discuss the organizations’ $70 million plan at a Washington Post event.[…]

Oh, look.  Pat’s building bridges.  On one hand, The Nation of Islam, and on the other, the 2000 Democrat vice presidential nominee.

I wonder how many times we’re going to have to say GO AWAY before he actually gets the message?