ECU, trannies, and the tale of the email(s)

NC’s Education First Alliance has been all over this issue of pediatric transgender procedures at UNC, Duke, and East Carolina.  All three schools – and the Raleigh pols they OWN – have all poo-pooed EFA’s claims, suggesting that pediatric tranny stuff “does not exist,” or “does not happen,” or simply is “misinformation.”

Well, well, well.  Sloan Rachmuth, head of the EFA, submitted a freedom of information (FOIA) request to ECU for all emails from the past year involving three specific hospital employees and mentioning specific transgender procedural terms.  Upon performing a search, ECU health reported back to Mrs. Rachmuth that 2904 emails met the parameters she was seeking.    Nearly 3000 emails between three different ECU officials in a year’s period?  Discussing something – pediatric transgender procedures – that the school has been claiming DOES NOT HAPPEN?  That’s a lot of email about something that “does not exist,” don’t you think?

Continuing their obstructionist strategy, ECU officials told Rachmuth she could HAVE the e-mails AFTER forking over $2,320.   That, apparently, was the cost the school estimated for having lawyers read through each individual email.

Well, word of this development spread throughout Raleigh.  And THIS went out from the legislative building on Jones Street to ECU’s top lawyer:

*Sniff*  What is that smell?  (Did something just hit the fan?)