Mayor Foxx to Charlotte taxpayers: BOHICA !!!






Charlotte mayor Redd Foxx appears to be hard at work stomping out any chances of an economic recovery in The Queen City.  He and his cronies JUST finished hiking the food tax to pay for renovations to Panther Stadium.  Now,  Hizzoner appears to be taking a page out of Little Barry’s political playbook — scaring people to death about the sequester:

With vast federal budget cuts looming, Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx told a cable news audience Thursday that the city “may have to” consider raising taxes to recoup lost money.

I don’t watch MSNBC, but I bet hizzoner was drooling with a lusty look in his eyes as he made that statement.

Growth in federal spending — NOT the spending itself — is getting cut.  What money is being “lost”?   (Lamont needs to educate his Pop on a few things.)  More: 

Foxx and Mayor Robert Cluck of Arlington, Tex., appeared on the MSNBC show “The Daily Rundown” with host Chuck Todd.

Todd, NBC’s chief White House correspondent, asked both mayors if they’re pondering tax hikes to replace the lost federal money.

“We may have to, it depends,” Foxx said. “Obviously we’ll have to think about it.”

The mayor said the so-called “sequestration” could mean a $4 million cut in funds to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

Says who?  That piece of propaganda that Little Barry and his team at 1600 Penn put out the other day?  Aliens COULD land a spaceship at the intersection of Trade and Tryon.  BUT WILL THEY?  More: 

He also said he was concerned about the impact of the cuts on extending the Lynx Blue Line light rail to UNC Charlotte, a project dear to the city and UNCC officials.

Can we say NON-ESSENTIAL PORK, boys and girls?  MORE: 

Foxx called the project “very critical to the city’s success. It is going to be swept into these automatic cuts.”

He said the cuts would likely mean furloughs of air traffic controllers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. “When that happens, there will airport delays,” he said. “We’re the sixth busiest airport in the world and that would be a damaging blow to the city of Charlotte.”

How could that make air travel any more chaotic and frustrating than it already is ???  (Reagan fired all of the air traffic controllers in the 80s, and people still got around.  )  More:

At the end of the interview, Foxx had this message for lawmakers in Washington: “The problem we have as mayors is when this decision doesn’t get made in Washington, people come to our doors looking for help. The cities are the last backstops. So for us, this is very, very critical and we need Washington to get to work.”

Where does Foxx think the feds get their money from?  The state?  The same place HE and the council get it:  US.  Government “leaders” have screwed up the economy and bled us dry.  We’re all doing what we can with less.  Politicos need to do some of the same.