Lots more to hate about CRomnibus

mcconnboehnerIt added to our already out-of-control federal debt.  It’s fully funded ObamaCare and amnesty. It’s paying for Renee Ellmers’s museum.   But it looks like there’s even more to hate about John Boehner’s pet monster.

The CRomnibus legislation included some revisions to campaign finance law that would allow any one person to donate up to $1.5 million to each of the parties’ three campaign committees per two-year election cycle.  Who does this benefit? It benefits all of the folks Karl Rove talked into buying a Senate seat for Thom Tillis.  It benefits the US Chamber.  It benefits all of these moneyed Wall Street types who hate the Tea Party and — like Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell — want to wipe it of the face of the Earth.

CRomnibus also eliminated one of the best parts of the abysmal Dodd-Frank financial regulation law. Capitalism is all about risk and reward. You take some kind of personal risk with the hope of obtaining some kind of reward.  It doesn’t work like that in the world of big-time crony capitalism.  Banks are the beneficiaries of all kinds of federal deposit insurance.  The banks can make risky investments, and — if they don’t work out — Uncle Sam swoops in to cover the losses.  Cromnibus-copy

People tend to be more cautious when they are putting up their own money.  Dodd-Frank forced the banks to make a certain percentage of their investments with non-insured funds.  Boehner’s CRomnibus does away with that requirement.  So, we’re on the hook completely for Wall Street’s wheeling-and-dealing.  Just like we were leading up to the 2008 financial crisis.  (The banks and Wall Street must have ponied up big during the campaign.  CRomnibus pays them back BIG TIME.) 

OH, the payback doesn’t stop there.  CRomnibus also gives special exemptions to Blue Cross Blue Shield on ObamaCare, and reauthorizes an agency that subsidizes the overseas dealings of US businesses.

Just to recap — Walter Jones (R-3) was the only GOP member of the North Carolina delegation to vote against the procedural rule to allow a vote on CRomnibus.  Jones was joined by Mark Meadows (R-11) in voting against final passage of the CRomnibus.  (Meadows voted for the rule allowing the vote, though.)  Patrick McHenry (R-10) worked the floor with John Boehner twisting arms to get votes FOR the CRomnibus.  Renee Ellmers (R-2)  took to the radio airwaves, in her own special incoherent way, to defend CRomnibus. Richard Hudson (R-8), George Holding (R-13), Robert Pittenger (R-9) and Virginia Foxx (R-5) were all good soldiers for Boehner — voting FOR the procedural rule AND final passage of CRomnibus.

Hold on to those clothespins you folks wore on election day.  You still need them.  It STILL stinks in our nation’s capital.



2 thoughts on “Lots more to hate about CRomnibus

  1. Boehner is the new Pelosi. The only difference seems to be that she wears a skirt, and he doesn’t, that we know of (maybe he does for his meetings at the White House, the way they work out).

    The Republicans were given a mandate by the voters to stop Obama, but instead, Boehner is falling all over himself to enable and fund Obama’s liberal programs that the voters don’t want. And Boehner doesn’t want to just fund them for a short time to let the new GOP Congress deal with them. He insists on funding them to the end of the fiscal year, so that they can get well established.

    The chickens will likely come home to roost in 2016, when the voters no long trust the Washington Republicans. Hillary Clinton should have to list Boehner as her biggest in-kind contributor with the way he has kicked the Republican base in the teeth and destroyed their enthusiasm. Boehner has done more to elect Hillary than anyone I can think of.

  2. Rep Jones and Meadows are to be commended for their efforts to neuter Leviathan rather than play kissy face with him. Wonder what shade of lipstick Boehner and his followers prefer? They all need a two year supply for Christmas.

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