Look, Mom. I made The N&O!


(And it’s NOT the police blotter!)

*Sigh.*  I guess you’re right.  THAT is not much of a big deal.

Anyway, The N&O newsroom is pouncing on the gift Tom-with-an-H has given them.  The lefty scribes there smell blood, and are going in for the kill.

The Ol’ Reliable is saving the House Republican Caucus a lot of hard work.  It is my understanding that Tom-with-an-H was already in for a tough reelection fight for the speaker post, if Republicans return as a majority in the House in 2013.

I asked one of the more famous N&O reporters — telephonically — why they are making a big deal out of this, and NOT Walter Dalton’s daughter, a registered lobbyist who has been working the legislature since 2002 — while her daddy was in office there.  Her business has grown dramatically as her daddy’s career advanced.  Now, her daddy is very close to becoming the next governor of North Carolina.  I asked the reporter– isn’t it worth asking how that relationship will work, if daddy gets to be governor?

Clearly flummoxed by the question, the celebrity scribe said their paper is focused on the question of “undue influence” and not necessarily the sex.

 I followed up with:  Don’t you think the concept of a daughter lobbying her daddy and his friends has the potential for some undue influence?

After a brief hesitation, The N&O-ster told me that they had heard something about Dalton’s daughter around the newsroom.  I asked why Craig Jarvis, who wrote the story mentioning me, wouldn’t get on it.  My source said Craig covers the legislature, and not the governor’s race.  (Walter Dalton is currently the lieutenant governor, the presiding officer of the state Senate.  His daughter, Elizabeth Robinson, is a registered lobbyist working the legislature.)  The scribe promised to mention something to Rob Christensen, who is covering the governor’s race.

Oh, pass it to the guy who didn’t notice the blonde with the baby bump and the video camera following John Edwards around.  The guy who got scooped by The National Enquirer.  

That confirms that NOTHING will ever appear in the pages of The N&O about lobbyist Elizabeth Robinson and her daddy, the lieutenant governor and presumptive Democrat nominee for governor.