Look, Ma! I’m governor!




Today, at noon, the McCrory era began in Raleigh.  Pat McCrory, the Republican former mayor of Charlotte, broke the Queen City curse and got sworn in as North Carolina’s new chief executive.  What’s left of our mainstream media has spent most of the last few days bashing McCrory, and Lt. Go.-elect Dan Forest for being sworn in at “private” ceremonies.  (Psst.  Hey guys.  If an event is streamed live on News14 Carolina, and the AP is in the room, it is NOT PRIVATE. )

Chris Fitzsimon, The N&O, and the rest of the port-side chattering classes are already bemoaning this development as beginning of The Art Pope administration and a hijacking of state government by the Tea Party.  If that is the case, WHY are grassroots groups mounting a pressure campaign — and rally — this week to try and force the state government’s GOP majority to follow the lead of SC, TN, VA and 22 other states in refusing to cooperate with ObamaCare?

(Click here to find contact information for your legislators.  The page includes tools where you can look up legislators BY COUNTY.)  Click HERE to contact Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.  Click HERE to contact Gov. Pat McCrory.
The silence on ObamaCare has been deafening since the election.  Like VA, TN, and SC, the GOP has control of state government.  It ought to be a no-brainer that the “conservative revolution” in Raleigh would fight President Barry’s efforts to destroy American health care and wreck the economy tooth-and-nail. Ought To Be.