Lobbyist led cheerleading for Boles during primary



If Jamie Boles tries to tell you he’s “one of us” and is fighting “for the folks back home,”  — don’t buy it.  Lobbyists and operatives from Raleigh saved Tom McInnis’s skin two years ago,   and they did it for Boles this time around.


Some of you may have received the Raleigh-generated “push-poll” on your home phones a few weeks ago.  Flowery language was used to build up Boles, but his opponent — Southern Pines Police chief Bob Temme —  earned a very negative-sounding descriptive phrase.  The purpose? Push-polls are meant to drive up the favorable ratings of one candidate and drive down the favorables of the other.  Of course, one could derive the conclusion that Temme was the intended victim of this call.



We got pro-Boles mailers from Raleigh-based interest groups in the weeks leading up to the big vote.  One particularly nasty anti-Temme mailer was brought to us thanks, partially,  to Tami Fitzgerald — the political establishment’s favorite Bible-thumper.


We even got word that House speaker Tim Moore was jetting into town to ensure Boles’s pockets got lined.  (I’m sure lots of special interests followed him down from Raleigh.)



A well-known lobbyist has been needling me and my site with every criticism of Boles.  I didn’t want to put his name out there.  Frankly, he doesn’t deserve the publicity.  (Though, I do respect the main organization he “works” for.)


Here’s an excerpt from the lobbyist’s last needling communique sent to me:


[…] Temme is a lame candidate who thought a 21st century campaign strategy was to post 8000 signs and do ads on WEEB. He had no business running while serving as a public employee. And he took cheap shots at Boles on his FB account. Hurry up and pick up your signs Bob. Sayonara!


This comes from somebody who doesn’t live in Moore County and isn’t even registered to vote here.  Honestly,  if you put the two CVs together,  Temme’s background blows Boles’s away.


So,  we’re about to enter our thirteenth year with a  seat-warmer in the North Carolina House, doing little to nothing,  at Tim Moore and David Lewis’s beck-and-call.


Jamie Boles may claim, with a straight face, that he represents us and works for us in Raleigh.  But,  in reality — he’s WHOLLY OWNED by this lobbyist and other guys like him.


Raleigh picks our “representation” every two years, and we let them get away with it.