Joe Biden and the elephant in the room



Plagiarism is generally frowned upon in western society. People lose their jobs.  Reputations get damaged.


But Joe Biden is an outlier.  He gets eight years as vice president of the United States and is being spoken of seriously as the next president of The United States.



The driveby media wasn’t as kind to him during the then-senator’s first run for president in 1987.  Biden was blasted as not having the character to be president.  (Of course, the much smaller driveby media was in the tank for then-Massachusetts governor Mike Dukakis  then.)


Biden got outed by a 1987 NBC News report for misstating his academic record and being caught plagiarizing in law school.   Here is video evidence of Biden plagiarizing Robert F.  Kennedy.  John F.  Kennedy AND British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock all in the same campaign.



Here’s Brit Hume nailing Biden for his over-the-top plagiarism of British pol  Neil Kinnock (made known in the US thanks to a video from the rival Mike Dukakis campaign).


Here’s a butt-kissy 1987 report from CBS News about Biden’s entry into the 1988 race.  It includes a pretty funny quote from Democrat pollster Harrison Hickman talking about how “some” in the political class have a healthy skepticism about whether Biden has ideas “as big as his words or his mouth.”


And you Democrats are worried about BERNIE ????


9 thoughts on “Joe Biden and the elephant in the room

  1. I’m glad that Biden is the Dems choice. It just means Trump will have a landslide win and who doesn’t want Trump for another 4 years?! The very outspoken liberal lunatics are outnumbered and that was proven in the primary.

  2. It is apparent Biden is mentally unstable. Crooked Hillary is warming up in the wings and ready for a rematch. Mini Mike has the dough to fund her campaign when she strides into the convention to roars of approval. VP Pete?

    1. Heard a prominent radio host state yesterday, from very reliable, private sources, HRC is not healthy, will not be involved and functions very little. Stated his source’s words were, no worries about HRC. Her ‘weekly girls meet’; she had not been present in months due to health. Good news to me; since I worried ole Joe won’t last 4Y and then here comes HRC. Source stated she could not campaign, travel nor function in such a capacity

  3. A landslide win could become a landslide defeAt with the right VP pick. Push for Trump like he is still the underdog.

  4. You’ve got that right, Betsy Meads. Personally I think if BHO was to ask his wife to sacrifice herself for the left’s cause she would do it. VP or P.
    Regardless of whom the leftists put up, true Americans better fight like they are the “third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Arc.”

  5. I do not have any concerns about Biden but I am concerned about the cheating and illegal voting from the left. They are desperate and will stop at nothing.

    1. WHY all the fight in NC? The reason is simply it occurs all over this state. The urban areas are rampant with illegal voting. I’m amazed I can walk into a voting place and nobody knows me at all and I can state a name and an address and VOTE……duh…how stupid are we? Think NC isn’t fighting Voter ID for a reason? Left as is, very doubtful to me Trump carries NC. The Left knows the stakes and will act as such. The Durham, Charlotte urban areas will cast many, many left votes and as many as needed and required to carry top of the ticket for the Dems.

    2. It actually requires a conspiracy involving people who would flip for a Newport.

      People who believe this occurs on any wide scale are people who 1) never run for anything and will never run for anything, 2) never donate to any candidate for anything and 3) have never been anywhere near a real political campaign other than putting a bumper sticker on their car — many don’t even vote!

      Voter ID and other measures are necessary to stop the amateurs, and there are many, but professionals do not risk STATE PRISON over a few votes. And they’re the only people capable of pulling this off.

      And anyone who has ever been around real politics knows that.

  6. Actor James Woods states it best- ” Hillary will attach to Biden like the face-hugger in ALIEN. She’ll be president in a month after the election. The best part for her is avoiding the debates and the campaign trail. He gets elected and she pops out of his chest like the baby alien, ready to take over the world.” That is the DNC plan.

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