no moreNope, sorry.  THAT is NOT a course offering in the UNC-Chapel Hill curriculum catalog.  It’s actually one of the latest continuing legal education offerings from the Mecklenburg County Bar Association.  (Apparently, we’re on their email list too — just like with the NC House Republican Caucus.)

If that course title, um, excites you, here is some more info:

CLE Credits:
1.5 Ethics Hours
$90 Attorney Rate
$45 Paralegal Rate 
$45 Pro Bono Rate (Attorneys must agree to accept a Pro Bono case 
from LANC/LSSP and/or MCB within 4 months of this program)
$45 Nonprofit Rate 
Bar & Foundation Center
2850 Zebulon Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28208
Special Info:
11: 30 a.m.: Registration
12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.: CLE Training & Lunch
Program & Speaker:
? LGBT 101
? Legal Issues Facing the LGBT Community
? Ethical Considerations
? Tips on Serving the LGBT Community
? Q&A
If THAT is not enough, here is the 4-1-1 on your facilitator: bride
Kelly Durden Posey earned her J.D. from UNC School of Law and her B.A. in English and Spanish from UNC-Wilmington. She spent years in public interest working at both Legal Aid of North Carolina and Legal Services of Southern Piedmont as well as serving as lead attorney of the region’s first LGBTQ Law Center with the Freedom Center for Social Justice.
At the LGBTQ Law Center, she provided direct services and community education in and around the LGBTQ community. Durden Posey attended      law school aspiring to help make the law accessible to the community. She currently provides quality, affordable legal services in   the areas of family law and estate planning at Moen Legal Counsel. 
Shall we hold our breath and wait for a course on “working with Christians”?  With the current campaign to shove gay marriage down everyone’s throats, we might be finding more and more Christian objectors needing legal representation.  
Sorry, I don’t get it.  Believe it or not, I actually know some gay people.  And you know what? They appreciate being treated just like everybody else.  They’re not asking the rest of us to go through special training or seminars.  Or to change our lifestyles, for that matter. 

4 thoughts on “LGBTQ 101

  1. Maybe North Carolina should declare itself a sanctuary state for Christians where we do not obey any court orders or any laws contrary to Christian principles. Or maybe call it a sanctuary state for religious liberty (you know, the thing the Pilgrims came to America to find).

    1. I agree with the sanctuary state for religious liberty idea. Then the LGBT community will fnally be on equal footing with all the heterosexual community.

      1. Actuality, it is the homo-fascists who are attacking religious liberty. Ask the Christian bakers, florists, and photographers they have persecuted in a number of states.

  2. Well, what the hell is going on here? This is a perfect case of a tiny minority dictating to the majority.
    FACT: 1.6% of the US population are gay or lesbian. 0.7% of the US population are bisexual. 3.4% of the US population are LGBT. (Source: Obama’s own US Census Bureau).
    So how is it (you would ask) that we are constantly bombarded with “GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY” Agenda, 24/7? Not only do they demand “equal treatment” (which I have no problem with), but “extra-special treatment” (which I DO have a problem with).
    In Houston, Texas, voters overwhelmingly rejected a LGBT Referendum. (so you see, if it comes up to a public referendum, it will be rejected).
    However, the Obama Regime’s Justice Department just overruled a school district in Illinois which banned a male student (who claimed to be “transgender”) from entering the girl’s locker room! Thus, any male” student who has any “namby-pamby” desire to be transgender, can now enter the girl’s locker room, and…….(you know the drill). Hell, why didn’t I think of that trick, when I was in high school?
    Another story I saw on the internet was a family who was bragging about their six year old son, who has identified himself and dressed as a female”. The idiot parents must be smoking crack! Perhaps a good old fashioned horse whipping for the parents is in order!
    As a Damned Yankee fleeing The People’s Republic of New York, one thing that impressed me was the multitude of churches on every block in Greensboro. And (I’m God Damned sorry) marriage can only be between a man and a woman! The Book of Genesis featured Adam & Eve (not Adam & Steve).

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