Lee Co. Democrat Party boss: Bring ‘a baseball bat’ to the polls

Why would you want to do that?  Just in case a softball game should break out?  Here’s Lee County Democrat Party vice-chairman Margaret Murchison: 


What is Margaret so upset about?  Apparently, some local Republican activists are wanting to hand out pamphlets at polling places identifying the candidates who happen to be military veterans.  

Here’s some bio information on ol’ Margaret:


Wow. She’s ALSO a drive by media type.

14572192_10210900180162713_1858990594211555272_nMs. Murchison is black, and is directing her ire at white Republicans.  Just imagine how fast Loretta Lynch would be down here if some white Republicans suggested bringing a “baseball bat” to the polls  to, um, “discuss” a few things with black Democrats. 

This story dovetails nicely with James O’Keefe’s revelations about the Clinton campaign paying thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies.  We on the right are often smeared as the violent ones.  Yet WHO is paying thugs to start fights at rallies, and suggesting that folks bring baseball bats to polling places? 

Here is a photo shared with us from someone on the ground in Lee County.  Take note of the crumpled Trump sign right in front of the NAACP’s “Black Votes Matter”  (a play on Black Lives Matter, surely).  Feel the love, folks. Feel it. 

9 thoughts on “Lee Co. Democrat Party boss: Bring ‘a baseball bat’ to the polls

  1. In Lee County someone is taking Trump signs and replacing them with BlackVotesMatter signs. Must be a Republican doing that Right?

  2. Lighthouse Harry your comment is not true. I respect the property rights of others and of course free speech. On November 9th we will still be neighbors,no matter who wins the Presidential Election.

  3. Sounds like we have some New Black Panthers in NC who are copying the voter intimidation methods of their colleagues from Baltimore. They found that the corrupt Obama ”Justice” Department would not prosecute intimidation of white voters, but I suspect a Trump Justice Department will look at that a lot differently.

    And, of course, don’t expect the corrupt propagandists of the MSM to mention any of this.

    1. How could NC’s KKK, (which has the third highest membership of all states in the country) let this happen?

    1. Well Woodhouse (Dallas) is the “big man” up there, so that is your answer. The double agent strikes again.

  4. She’s also upset about the fact that a lot of active duty military are moving into Lee County which will impact the vote there in ways not favorable to her.

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