Kevin McCarthy? Seriously?

MCCWe’re seeing all kinds of trial balloons about the rebels seeking to oust John Boehner reportedly warming to the idea of Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  Seriously?  As Majority Leader, McCarthy (R-CA) has a voting record that puts him to the left of EVERY North Carolina Republican except Renee Ellmers.

We’re hearing things about how nice and attentive he is to conservatives.  Well, why is the House rolling over and playing dead for BarryO?  We’re told McCarthy is a much nicer guy — easier to get along with — than Boehner.  What GOOD is a ”nice guy” if he’s going to give me the same, but slightly-watered down, crap that I voted Republicans in to STOP? 

This sounds like McCarthy and his cronies — smelling blood — seeking to take advantage of The Orange Man’s political troubles.  Vote for our guy and we will help you toss The Orange Man overboard.

Our country is in serious trouble.  We don’t need more political gamesmanship.  We need leadership that will fight to save our country and return it to its former greatness. 



2 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy? Seriously?

  1. During the September monthly meeting of the Davie County Republican Party, I introduced a resolution to support Congressional Representative Mark Meadows’ motion declaring the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives vacant (H. Res. 385).

    The resolution passed unanimously.

    You can read the full resolution on my Facebook page via the link below.

    It was a great night for Conservatives and for my fellow Davie County Republicans.


    Richard Carter Jr


  2. What Kevin McCarthy did after the last California redistricting tells you all you need to know about his character. The redistricting, done by one of those ”non-partisan” redistricting commissions that Skip Stam and Thom Tillis love so much, did the worst partisan gerrymander California has ever seen, flipping five House seats that tilted Republican into lean Democrat or safe Democrat seats.

    But in slicing and dicing those five districts, they had to put the GOP voters somewhere, so they packed them into existing GOP districts creating some super safe districts. McCarthy got one of those supersafe districts.

    California Republicans, naturally, screamed foul, and organized to challenge the redistricting in court and by referendum. They had to work in two seperate actions, one for the state legislative gerrymander and one for the Congressional gerrymander, and this cost money, so they set about raising the money.

    Enter Kevin McCarthy, who did not want to lose his new super safe district, no matter what happened to five of his GOP colleagues and how their lose might impact the GOP majority. McCarthy got into high gear calling contributors asking them NOT to contribute to the GOP efforts to overturn the Congressional gerrymander. He cared only about himself, and to heck with the party and other GOP Congressmen.

    Then there is McCarthy’s relationship with Renee Ellmers

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