Kevin McCarthy? Seriously?

MCCWe’re seeing all kinds of trial balloons about the rebels seeking to oust John Boehner reportedly warming to the idea of Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  Seriously?  As Majority Leader, McCarthy (R-CA) has a voting record that puts him to the left of EVERY North Carolina Republican except Renee Ellmers.

We’re hearing things about how nice and attentive he is to conservatives.  Well, why is the House rolling over and playing dead for BarryO?  We’re told McCarthy is a much nicer guy — easier to get along with — than Boehner.  What GOOD is a ”nice guy” if he’s going to give me the same, but slightly-watered down, crap that I voted Republicans in to STOP? 

This sounds like McCarthy and his cronies — smelling blood — seeking to take advantage of The Orange Man’s political troubles.  Vote for our guy and we will help you toss The Orange Man overboard.

Our country is in serious trouble.  We don’t need more political gamesmanship.  We need leadership that will fight to save our country and return it to its former greatness.