Kay Hagan: Creating Jobs, Making College Cheaper, and Saving The World From Flesh-Eating Zombies

sock puppet




I saw a commercial on TV the other morning that nearly made me spew my Cheerios.  Some vaguely-named council or coalition was running an ad praising US Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) for the following:

  1. “Creating Jobs”
  2. “Making college affordable”

The ad told us to call Senator Hagan and thank her.  Thank her?  For voting in lock-step with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer?  Cheerleading and voting FOR ObamaCare? Standing firm against ANY effort to shrink the size of government and TRY to save our economy?  (Yeah. *Thanks, Kay.*) 

It kills me to hear ANY politician take credit for creating jobs.  Entrepreneurs create jobs.  Business people create jobs.  Politicians pile on regulations and taxes and create headaches for entrepreneurs and other business people that hinder their ability to expand and create jobs.  The fear and anxiety generated by Kay’s beloved and soon-to-be-implemented ObamaCare is causing the business community to delay expansions, put off hiring new employees, and shift more full-timers to part-time status.  

Making college affordable?  I guess the ad is talking about the legislation she co-sponsored with fellow Democrat Jack Reed of Rhode Island.  The bill freezes interest rates on college loans, but puts the screws on people with 401Ks.  (The time period for deferring tax payments on 401Ks would be dramatically shortened.)  Meanwhile, Senator Burr was pushing a bi-partisan bill that would tie student loan rates to the financial markets — an idea very similar to what passed the GOP controlled House.

Our very own Senator Sock Puppet — a member of the Senate majority — could not even get enough votes for her bill to get debated.    Interest rates doubled.  So, she really didn’t make college cheaper. 

Democrats are trying to pin the interest rate hike on the GOP.  In reality, Harry Reid & Miss Nancy want the interest rate hikes to help pay for the,um, “higher-than-expected” costs of implementing ObamaCare.

Well, I can give Kay kudos on one point.  The flesh-eating zombies haven’t gotten us. (Yet … )