Judge bucks Forest, backs Cooper on coronavirus executive orders




Lt. Governor Dan Forest has made quite a bit of hay over Roy Cooper’s unilateral decisions to lock down and strangle the state’s economy.  Forest expressed a belief that Cooper should have to consult, oh, The Council of State, or The General Assembly. or the courts before delivering the edicts.  Where were the checks and balances?


Well, a Wake County judge gave a win to Gov. Doofus today on the issue.


Forest, clearly disappointed, responded via his official office AND his gubernatorial campaign:


5 thoughts on “Judge bucks Forest, backs Cooper on coronavirus executive orders

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This ruling demonstrates why it is very, very important to elect Judges at all levels that rule on the law as written , not as they wish it to be written. There are eight statewide races for judges on the Supreme Court and Appellate Court on the ballot this November. Please research their records and history. There are also District and Superior Court judges on the ballot across the state. If they are an incumbent or a recently appointed judge, they will likely be unopposed.

    Contact your state representatives and ask them to change the General Statutes that prevent judge candidates from running for office outside their district. This needs to be changed. Another that needs some changes are the statutes that allow for the Governor to replace retiring judges when they leave the bench during their term. Have you noticed that a judge running for an additional term is almost never contested. When there is an open seat on the bench there are typically five or more candidates running for that seat? In other words, the “fix is in.” Approximately 70% of sitting judges are appointed to the bench by a Governor in North Carolina. To make this even more stinky, the controlling political party in the district nominates three candidates for the Governor to “chose” from. This is nothing more than the “good ole boy” network

    The legislature set this in motion and the legislature can repair it if you let your voice be heard.

  2. Precisely what was expected and the court battle likely ends at Supr Court that the GOP let go of..???? On radio yesterday, a Virginian was complaining how Va GOP was the WORST and doing/done little to help Conservatives in that state succeed and thus entire GA owned by Dems….Seems NC doesn’t have a hold on weakness! This goes no where, unfortunately. NC GOP has relinquished far too many seats and state positions to the Dems. Josh Stein, AG?? FIGHT fellow Conservatives, fight. Hopefully, the 6-month biz sabbatical that has destroyed many businesses and individuals, schools and parents will be ‘enough’ to get out the Forest vote in Nov….

  3. The sad thing is that the Doof is going to be re-elected because the media only reports on things as if Doof is doing all the right things and is managing everything perfectly…..well that and his voter fraud manufacturing facility in Derm. It must be nice to have judges, the NC House, attorneys and media all on your side to cover for you when you set out to destroy the way of life in our state. The reckoning of the media for one cannot come soon enough as they should be asking tough questions and highlighting at least some of the harm being done, but all you get are crickets at Doof’s media outlets.

    1. A lot of what you are saying is certainly right, but if you are entirely right that would mean that most of our fellow citizens fall in the 50-74 IQ range. Damn, if so we are screwed.

  4. Thinking citizens no longer wait on the NCGOP to work on our behalf. They take things in their own hands. Get away from the interstates and you’ll see that Governor Shutdown’s irrational efictsvare being increasingly ignored. We’ve never worn a muzzle aka mask and habe no problems shopping or doing most everything else before the panic-Demic started. Our kids home school our grandchildren and these people are immune to the silliness in Raleigh. Trust the moral, thinking majority. Join the Anti-Mask League! See Aerosouth.net > menu

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