Joint Caucus meeting becomes The Dallas Woodhouse Show

DallasThat’s what I am told from folks who were in the room for yesterday’s meeting of Senate and House Republicans in Raleigh.  Rodeo clown — and part time chicken chaser — Dallas Woodhouse presented a briefing on the current state of affairs at NCGOP headquarters vis-a-vis the scuffle with Hasan Harnett.

Sources tell me Woodhouse encouraged all members to show up and vote on Saturday.  Said one source:

“He reminded us to do it this weekend while we still had a vote.  He said we won’t have one under the new plan of organization.”

The reaction from the audience?  Said another source:

”Not a whole lot was said in response to what Woodhouse spoke about.  When this meeting was winding down, Woodhouse offered to stay a little longer to give people additional information and answer questions.  Out of the whole group — House and Senate — I’d say twenty to twenty-five hung around to hear more from him. Most people I’ve talked to said they are going nowhere near that meeting on Saturday. ”

I am told that Woodhouse has made a certain pledge to people about the aftermath of Saturday’s vote.  Said one source who has conversed directly with Woodhouse:

“[Dallas] has said that even if Harnett survives the vote on Saturday, they are still not going to let him back in the office or give him his email back or any of that stuff. The pettiness is going to continue.”feuding-brothers-800

I am also hearing about an interesting disclaimer Woodhouse is offering others he speaks with while conducting his official rodeo clown and chicken-chasing duties:

“Woodhouse will tell people ‘I am innocent here.  I have nothing to do with all of this.  This is just a beef between the central committee and the chairman.  I work for the central committee. I do what my bosses tell me.’  ”