Joint Caucus meeting becomes The Dallas Woodhouse Show

DallasThat’s what I am told from folks who were in the room for yesterday’s meeting of Senate and House Republicans in Raleigh.  Rodeo clown — and part time chicken chaser — Dallas Woodhouse presented a briefing on the current state of affairs at NCGOP headquarters vis-a-vis the scuffle with Hasan Harnett.

Sources tell me Woodhouse encouraged all members to show up and vote on Saturday.  Said one source:

“He reminded us to do it this weekend while we still had a vote.  He said we won’t have one under the new plan of organization.”

The reaction from the audience?  Said another source:

”Not a whole lot was said in response to what Woodhouse spoke about.  When this meeting was winding down, Woodhouse offered to stay a little longer to give people additional information and answer questions.  Out of the whole group — House and Senate — I’d say twenty to twenty-five hung around to hear more from him. Most people I’ve talked to said they are going nowhere near that meeting on Saturday. ”

I am told that Woodhouse has made a certain pledge to people about the aftermath of Saturday’s vote.  Said one source who has conversed directly with Woodhouse:

“[Dallas] has said that even if Harnett survives the vote on Saturday, they are still not going to let him back in the office or give him his email back or any of that stuff. The pettiness is going to continue.”feuding-brothers-800

I am also hearing about an interesting disclaimer Woodhouse is offering others he speaks with while conducting his official rodeo clown and chicken-chasing duties:

“Woodhouse will tell people ‘I am innocent here.  I have nothing to do with all of this.  This is just a beef between the central committee and the chairman.  I work for the central committee. I do what my bosses tell me.’  ”

31 thoughts on “Joint Caucus meeting becomes The Dallas Woodhouse Show

  1. Woodhouse badly needs to go. His actions in going to this meeting were totally improper. An ED is supposed to run the nuts and bolts at headquarters not inject himself into a fight between two factions of the party.

    No conservative should give a dime to the party until Woodhouse is gone, and no county party should either. Any time Woodhouse appears on stage at the convention, he should be resoundingly booed, as should Stark, Cotten, Cotten-West, Cumbie, or any of the other plotters.

    As long as this wrecking crew is at state HQ, county parties should just carry on with their business on their own and totally ignore the state party. Maybe we ought to stop attending district meetings until this poisonous crop of district chairmen are gone.

  2. I am so ashamed of Dallas Woodhouse and the rest of the fools attacking Hasan. They are behaving like children. Grow the hell up!!

  3. Shamefully, when we have a split in the party, and two sides, both of which need to be heard, our Joint Caucus Leader, Pat Hurley arrogantly only invites one side to the meeting, and that is the establishment side. Why was that establishment mouthpiece Woodhouse there but no one from the grassroots side?

    Pat Hurley is clearly out of touch with the grassroots and needs a primary in 2018. Surely Randolph County conservatives can come up with someone better.

  4. if and only if Woodhouse is really using that disclaimer:

    Dear Mr. Woodhouse

    If your boss told you to take their daughter to get an abortion. Would you take her?

    If you boss told you to drive to the border to transport a new group of illegals to work in the business. Would you?

    If you boss told to you hide this money to avoid paying taxes. Would you ?

    If your boss told you to murder their boss and you both would get ahead. Would you?

    and so on so one

    The central committee tells you what to do and you just do it. The central committee might hire you but you work for the ex-comm just as much as you do for the central committee as well every registered Republican in this state


    moral relativism much ?

  5. The Executive Director works for the whole party, or he should if he were doing his job properly. The problem with this one is that he does not seem to comprehend that.

    Normally, ED’s have responded to direction by the chairman, but this one does not. He seems to see himself as above the chairman and always has. That is a big part of the problem the party presently faces. The Central Committee does technically hire and fire him, but the Executive Committee sets his salary, and if improper behavior from an ED persists, he could find himself making minimum wage with no benefits. If some on the Central Committee are improperly pulling an ED into an intra-party battle, the ED should object and complain, not go along with that improper activity.

  6. For the Record:

    I was asked to speak about the change to the Plan of Organization that would remove all elected officials from the State Executive Committee.

    I was requested to speak and I did so on short notice.

    I listened to their concerns and attempted to forecast what I believed would be the result. A further separation from the grassroots dedicated to electing republicans and the republican elected officials and candidates.

    I stated that I believed the end result would be weakened party apparatus . We all work together as a team and that should continue.

    At a later point at request of some members, I walked through the process. The secure voting procedures, security, the questions being presented.

    This is in face a matter between the Chairman and the Central and Executive Committees who will decide this issue on Saturday.

    I told them the staff has concerns about how this will effect the overall NCGOP operations.

    1. Well being that the Executive committee is the acting committee when the regular convention is not in session. And were the meeting on April 30th ends up less than one week before the start of the regular convention. This matter being within a week of convention should not be heard by the Ex-comm. This matter should be brought before the full convention. When the chairman is also out of the country on the 30th and this was known before the 30th meeting was called is even more reason to delay the meeting until the convention where the chairman can respond to the jury of the delegates that elected him

    2. The Executive Director should NOT be taking positions on issues in the Plan of Organization. If it was the Plan of Organization that was being discussed, then the chairman of that committee is a legislator. He would be right there to discuss the issues with them. As Committee chairman of the Plan of Organization Committee for the upcoming convention, Rep. Mike Speciale was the appropriate person to discuss that subject with legislators, NOT YOU.

      But your excuse does not ring true. The screen shots of the strategy session with Stark and several members of the Central Committee were posted on this site. They show that you and other staff members participated. Part of the strategy discussed was trying to get legislators there to vote the establishment position. Is does not take a rocket scientist to see what you were doing.

      1. Oops, Speciale is Platform, not POO, but the point remains. The Executive Director should NOT be out speaking AGAINST the position adopted by a duly appointed party convention committee. He is way out of line doing that. He is the hired help to carry out policy, NOT a policy maker.

        The other point also remains that the POO was not Woodhouse’s main objective in his meeting with the legislature, and what he did there is also way out of line.

  7. Now is not the proper time to change the Plan or the chairman. There should be a huge protest at the convention because of the increase in the registration fee and the April cutoff for registration. Registration has always remained open on the day of the meeting.

    1. Together with the jihad against the chairman, those things you mention are other parts of the Central Committee’s war on the grassroots.

      1. Raising the cost of the convention was a move to keep people out of the convention hall and then blaming this increase on the budget the executive committee passed is a blatant lie

        The organization is not organized and this has occurred because people choose personal power and personal gain over prosperity for the party

        The only way to fix the party is the totally change pretty much how everything is done but people are not willing to do this because the changes would include removing everyone’s special interests and giving up their own personal power to strengthen party

        no longer are people in the state party leadership fighting for conservative principals if they were they would show different behavior and actions

        The first change even if it is a change in semantics would be the party does not need a Executive Director it needs a Organizational Manager the title needs to be changed to align more with what the job should actually be

  8. The convention fee is a poll tax…

    Twenty-fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution
    This article is about the 1964 U.S. Constitution Amendment. For the failed proposal to amend the Constitution of Ireland, see Twenty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 2001 (Ireland).
    The Twenty-fourth Amendment (Amendment XXIV) of the United States Constitution prohibits both Congress and the states from conditioning the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax. The amendment was proposed by Congress to the states on August 27, 1962, and was ratified by the states on January 23, 1964.

    Southern states of the former Confederacy adopted poll taxes in laws of the late 19th century and new constitutions from 1890 to 1908, after the Democratic Party had generally regained control of state legislatures decades after the end of Reconstruction, as a measure to prevent African Americans and often poor whites from voting. Use of the poll taxes by states was held to be constitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States in the 1937 decision Breedlove v. Suttles.

    When the 24th Amendment was ratified in 1964, five states still retained a poll tax: Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. The amendment prohibited requiring a poll tax for voters in federal elections. But it was not until 1966 that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6–3 in Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections that poll taxes for any level of elections were unconstitutional. It said these violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Subsequent litigation related to potential discriminatory effects of voter registration requirements has generally been based on application of this clause.

    Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.
    Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.[1]

  9. I am not in the habit of refusing requests from a Joint Meeting of our Republican House and Senate Members to speak to them about NCGOP issues that have a direct effect on them.

    GU Wonder: should you believe that the Executive Director should sit back and just watch the party fall apart the. I suggest you work to become a Central Committee member and replace me. Removing 113 elected officials off the Executive Committee is.a radical and dangerous idea. The NCGOP has one job, and only one. Elect Republicans. We are tasked with electing the republicans we have, not the ones readers on this site wish to have. We elect the Republicans we have, not the ones someone wants at a future point in time.

    Removing the elected officials from the grassroots committee members and party officers would mean that the party, over time would become a weapon against republicans rather than the tool to elect them. It’s horrible and I damn sure will speak about it. Loudly and clearly. Good news is this party wrecking provision will be destroyed at our convention.

    1. The Executive Director should NOT be debating party policy with the people who are charged with making or recommending policy, in this case, the Plan of Organization Committee. You have been stirring trouble on this issue with the memo you sent to legislators trying to stir them up on it. You are nothing but a bureaucrat who is supposed to carry out policy, not a policy maker within the party. I know you think in your own little mind that you outrank the chairman, but making party policy is simply not what the Executive Director is supposed to be about You are the hired help, not someone elected to make policy. Your task is to efficiently carry out policy made by others. Your stepping into roles where you do not belong is a reason that county parties should shun the state party apparatus until you are gone.

      Of course, your real reason for going to the legislative caucus was to politick for removal of the chairman. We all know that. But if you are called to speak on an inappropriate subject, you need to provide them with the proper speaker, not jump into something you do not belong in. At the very least, you do NOT need to be injecting your own personal opinions into things AGAINST the position of the proper party policy making bodies.

      And lastly, Woodhouse, you did not do squat in the party at any level until you were hired in a position you are not qualified for. You have no background to be offering opinions on anything. You are a big part of the factional split problem the party has today, and the sooner you are gone, the better. You are just stirring another conflict in this situation.

    2. No, it would actually require them to be accountable. Never fear, these power grabs and games are going to cost many of them seats in November…so they will not have anything to worry about, then.

  10. Hasan was elected chairman of our party last June with the idea that he would provide transformational and inclusive leadership. It was an idea shared by a majority of those voting at convention last June. Hasan sold it with an effective campaign, a marching band, and an inspiring speech.

    But an idea is not a plan.

    At our ExComm meeting the next morning, the idea of Hasan leading our party faced its first challenge. Hasan had not prepared a slate of candidates for the remaining party offices, and although all of the candidates Hasan nominated that morning were elected, the meeting was a mess. Our new chairman seemed out of his element in a structured meeting, but we assumed he would settle in.

    Unfortunately, that has not happened. Our chairman has continued to demonstrate his lack of skills and experience with organizational structure, and when his attempts at implementing his ideas have failed, he has reacted by publicly lashing out at his own party.

    As a direct result of the events of the past few months, Hasan appears to have lost the confidence of all of the officers who were elected that June morning, along with 12 of our 13 district chairs elected earlier that spring. These are the folks we the people elected just last year, and most supported Hasan in his campaign for chairman.

    We need to pause, and try to understand this erosion in support from our grassroots officers.

    The trail of ideas without a plan for implementation appears to have begun last summer. And each episode appears to increase Hasan’s frustration and feelings that he is being conspired against.

    Episode One.

    Last summer Hasan wanted to hire a person with the title of Executive Assistant to the Chairman at a salary exceeding that of our experienced ED. The Central Committee, which has fiscal responsibility for the party, let Hasan know that there wasn’t money in the budget for this position. Hasan’s reaction was to fire experienced staff, and undermine moral. The chaos resulted in the resignation of our experienced ED, Todd Poole.

    Hasan had an idea, but he didn’t have a plan. Instead of working with his leadership team, he acted on his own. Outside of his authority, and without seeking the advice and consent of the Central Committee. And the party lost.

    Episode One lead to Episode Two.

    As chairman of the Central Committee, Hasan set up a Search Committee to hire a new ED, and scheduled Central and Executive Committee meetings for September 26th.

    Early the morning of Sep 26th Hasan sent out an email to “Central Committee Members,” “Executive Committee Members,” and “Republicans All Across North Carolina,” claiming Republicans across the state are “outraged,” that he has heard their voices, and individuals “must be held accountable and responsible for purposely working hard against me.” Further that “specific individuals (on the Central Committee) will also attempt to use the following strategies and tactics which include:
    1. Fear
    2. Intimidation (lack of fundraising)
    3. Emotional Disturbance (lack of trust, confidence, etc)
    4. Disappointment (personal or collective feelings), and
    5. Confusion. “

    The details of the long and tortuous meetings that day are many, but the bottom line is that Hasan had an idea. His idea was to go outside of the Search Committee and hire an ED of his choosing that day. He thought he could rile up support with his email. He had a plan that did not take into account the explicit role of the Central Committee in our POO, but he didn’t have a plan for changing the POO, or working with other party officers. It was a one-man plan.

    Five days later on October 1, Hasan sent out a “Unity” email suggesting that our party needs to come together.

    The cycle of Hasan believing he is being conspired against, his attacks on party decisions and leadership, and then calling for unity is a pattern that has been repeated several times over the past months. I am sure Hasan is sincere in wanting unity, as we all are.

    Unfortunately, he exhibits an unfortunate lack of self-awareness of how he is thwarting his own idea.

    Hasan’s inability to run organizational meetings and work within the rules of the party were displayed again at our ExComm meetings in November and January.

    Budgets must be adopted before any checks can be written in a new year. Our November meeting failed to adopt the prepared budget, placing the party in the position of not being able to write checks to pay bills and payroll after December 31, unless or until we could meet again, and obtain a quorum to pass the prepared budget. A meeting was called for January 9th.

    Episode Three.

    Two days before our January 9th ExComm meeting Hasan sent out a proposed agenda with two items of new business that were stunners. Quorum was easily met. The two resolutions, one to impeach our national committeeman, and another for a “no confidence” vote in our ED were soundly defeated, but not without another chaotic meeting that included serial meeting chairs and confusion over POO requirements that again demonstrated Hasan’s inability to conduct meetings, and his lack of awareness of who possesses these skills.

    Hasan had an idea. He was unhappy with David Lewis, as were many of us, but his plan to remove him was not a plan that the majority of ExComm members could accept, and his attempt to insert a meeting chair with little regard for our POO was unfortunate.

    Hasan had another idea. He wanted to fire our ED, and hire someone else. His plan was rejected by the ExComm.

    A budget was adopted that includes a line item for the state convention, and shows a convention profit contributing to party income to balance the budget.

    Episode Four.

    Hasan has an idea. As promised while campaigning for the chair position, he wants the state convention business sessions to be free.

    After reviewing costs for the past 10 years, staff develops a convention budget, and a registration fee schedule, including $90 for general sessions.

    Hasan does not agree with the fee schedule, and wants the business sessions to be free, or as low cost as possible. However, the contract for our convention at the Koury Convention Center was signed months before Hasan was elected, and it is an expensive venue.

    Central Committee, which under our POO has responsibility for fiscal policy, calls a meeting and adopts the fee schedule recommended by staff. Hasan argues for a lower fee, but loses the argument. He does not present an alternative plan, though asked for one.

    Hasan had an idea, but not a plan.

    The staff sent out an announcement for convention registration with the adopted fee schedule. Registration to open March 1. The convention registration site was activated. Registration $90.

    On March 2, Hasan sent out an email, “Setting the Record Straight – Poll Tax,” stating, among other things that the $90 registration fee had been set “unbeknownst to me,” that he was instructing staff to create an early bird $45 registration fee, and urging party unity.

    Under our POO it is the responsibility of our party chair to make the official Call to Convention. The deadline for sending out an official Call for our May 6th convention was fast approaching. Staff was prepared to send the mailing, but Hasan was unhappy with the registration fee, and was uncooperative.

    On Friday, March 4th, Hasan sent through email, a Call to Convention stating registration fee of $75 and an early bird of $45. While the dates of the convention were correctly stated, the fees included were in direct defiance of the Central Committee decision.

    As many others likely did, I went to the convention website to register, and found that the $90 registration fee remained in place.

    On Monday, March 7th, staff sent out an email Call to Convention, with attachments including registration at $90.

    A day or two later most of us received an unmarked envelope with a one-page Call to Convention from Hasan, stating registration fees of $45 and $75.

    The following day, most of us received a Call for Convention in a party envelope, including registration documents and a return envelope with the $90 registration.

    Could it be any more confusing or chaotic?

    Episode Five.

    Hasan’s email of March 9th, sent to all ExComm members (without blinding the email list), “I am politely requesting you turn my NCGOP Google email immediately back on.” The email is sent to media, and our chairman gives statements to news outlets and print media berating the party, and claiming racism.

    My first thought was that Hasan’s defiance of the Central Committee’s authority seemed reason enough to create a crisis for the party, and perhaps resulted in his access being shut down. But the news quickly came that there was more.

    An affidavit by Ken Robol alleges that Hasan wanted an attack on the NCGOP convention website to change the registration fees, and possibly divert funds to another account.

    Hasan had an idea. He wanted to change the registration fees. But his plan was to act in violation of our POO. Even the chairman cannot act unilaterally in defiance of the party rules. These are not new rules, and this is not a conspiracy, as Hasan continues to claim.

    On March 10th 23 members of the Central Committee called a meeting for March 20th to address the problems with convention registration and Hasan’s actions.

    Hasan chose not to attend the March 20th meeting, though several members of the CC attempted to talk with him and persuade him to attend. The meeting resulted in a Resolution of “ No Confidence, Censure and Restriction” of our party chairman

    Petitions were circulated for an April 30th ExComm meeting, and to consider removal of our chairman.

    Hasan called an ExComm meeting for April 9th, which he later cancelled.

    Central Committee members reached out to Hasan in an attempt to find terms for a reconciliation. Members of the CC met with Hasan, as he requested that the CC not meet in official session. As the meetings drew to a close late in the evening, Hasan emailed the outline of a reconciliation agreement to CC members, but the document was not discussed with the CC members.

    Last week Hasan taped a video in which he called for reconciliation and party unity, but proceeded to again accuse party leaders of conspiring against him. He referred to a document he suggested had been negotiated between him and the Central Committee, though the document he circulated was prepared without input from, or negotiation with, the CC.

    In my opinion, this is a relationship that cannot be retrieved. Even if we can work around Hasan’s lack of skills, we cannot agree to trust someone who has so willfully and often resorted to attacks against the very people who elected him to office.

    It has been suggested that if our party removes our first minority chairman, the harm—especially from MSM, will be more devastating than continuing with acknowledged strife.

    I disagree.

    Nearly two years ago our ExComm met to consider endorsing Mark Martin over Ola Lewis for Chief Justice. I was concerned, and expressed to Justice Martin, that the media would portray this as a racist move. That didn’t happen. To their credit, the editorial pages and news staffs in our state recognized the great disparity in qualifications, and did not take the bait. I believe the scant coverage the current controversy has gotten, though Hasan has shopped it extensively, will end the same.

    We need to end the serial distractions, and allow staff and grassroots to get on with winning elections. We need unity that our current chairman has been unable to bring. We need a party organization that is functioning.

    All of the January, February, March and April meetings of our Central Committee were called by petition of the members, as Hasan has shown no interest. He does not plan to attend the April 30th ExComm meeting, which was also called by petition, though he has been offered travel money to return for it.

    It has been said that insanity is doing things the same way, with the same people, and expecting a different result.

    I believe our chairman has amply demonstrated that he is unable or unwilling to conform his conduct to the will of the people who make up our party. Who among us would have voted for Hasan last June if we had known where he would take us?

    We need to consider how our state will be represented at the national convention by a chairman who does not trust our other elected party leaders (at least 27 of them), and they cannot trust him..

    We must ask ourselves why all but one of our district chairs and elected party officials have lost confidence in our chairman.

    1. Thank you for this Linda; obviously, you took a great deal of time to lay out this detailed timeline of events. While I did vacillate back & forth trying to make up my mind on just who has been telling the truth, if what you state here is factual then it is time to move on from Mr. Harnett. I only hope if he is removed tomorrow, that someone is put in place who will begin to heal and repair this fractured State Party quickly and the focus can be on electing Republicans in November.

      1. Her interpretation of events would not be my interpretation of events at least in terms of the excomm meetings. In this case the coloring of what happened depends on personal bias of this situation

        And a real problem is the lack of detailed excomm meeting minutes. This is a historical problem for this committee and a lack of archive to the access of theese minutes for new members to the excomm

        This only goes to show that the problems inthe organization is bigger than this chairman or anything he did or did not do. We have lasting systimic problems in this organization that have been building ofver the last say 4 or 5 chairman. Some of the same people that condem the current chair in mailers paid for with and without ncgop money are the same ones that helped to get us to this place

        Think of this organization as a family business with lots and lots of controlling families and we are currently trying to fight the curse of generational distruction

        But why when I fight for transparency and fairness in this organization I get ascused of having bat sh#t crazy ideas. So you can decide if i speak any truth or not and if my coloring of events have any merit

    2. Utter nonsense, all with the establishment spin.

      The Central Committee plotters set this executive committee meeting when they knew Harnett would be out of the country, which shows conniving and extreme bad faith. Their war on the grassroots includes a lot more than their jihad against Harnett. The outrageous and abusive delegate registration fee and the ending of at the door registration are also big parts of it. They are trying to get a more establishment-friendly convention and abusing powers they do not have to do it. The fact that it is not just Harnett they oppose, but they also want to jump over the next in line because she is also a grassroots conservative, also shows that this is really a factional power play. Only those in the Central Committee bubble think it is about one person.

      The machine politics spectacle of a gang of establishment former chairman trying to tell us what to do is sickening. I had hoped we had gotten away from that crap which was started by the Cobey crew. The fact that this tactic raised its ugly head just shows how totally establishment this whole project really is.

      The fact that you give any credence to this computer conman Ken Robol also shows your bias. Robol is an operative of one of Harnett’s Central Committee enemies and this was a blatant set up attempt as Harnett has shown by the screen shots he produced. Robol is not a credible person and is now also wrapped up as a central figure in a county elections board complaint filed by a sitting GOP county commissioner.

      You give a very one sided presentation. Given all the gag orders in effect, you must be very close to one or more of the Central Committee plotters to have their side of it down so well.

    3. Let me correct one major thing that blows a big whole in your version of events. Linda.

      The Plan of Organization does not specifically grant the power to set a delegate registration fee to anyone. There are two basic arguments of where it lies indirectly in the Plan of Organization, either in the chairman’s power to call the convention or in the budget power, the latter a shared power between the Central Committee and the Executive Committee. The Central Committee does NOT possess this power unilaterally, although they have tried to assert that this time.

      One thing that would be a bad precedent for the party, given their abuse of this power they have taken upon themselves at this convention, would be to validate the Central Committee’s power grab on these fees. This power, to avoid similar abuse in the future, needs to be explicitly provided for in the POO as belonging to the Executive Committee.

    4. You are right that the media has not been interpreting this as a racial thing, at least so far, but I’ll bet we never hear the end of it from Rev, Bully Barber.

      The media from local county newspapers up to the national ones like the Wall Street Journal have correctly portrayed it as a factional battle for the soul of the party between the grassroots and the establishment. Polls show a widespread disgust by GOP voters with the party establishment. A coup d’etat by the establishment against the elected grassroots chairman is not going to play well with grassroots GOP voters, and will be detrimental to electing GOP candidates in November.

      Why these Central Committee plotters are so obsessed with their own power at the expense of our candidates is something you will have to talk to them about. But it is not a new thing. They have been undercutting Harnett since he was elected.

  11. Can ANYONE show me the verbiage in our Constitution or elsewhere:

    “If certain parties become unhappy with any person who was voted in by a legal vote – They may lock him out, shut down internet access and take any other action they feel like taking”?


    And for you self-proclaimed pompous asses to dare over-rule the judgement of the voters is ludicrous.

    And to top it all off – You DARE to get on this forum and try to argue about it? Like a spoiled little idiotic child?!

    And you people have the NERVE to question his judgement?

    As a life-long Republican I say again … NO wonder our State Party is an international laughing stock.

  12. For Mr. Robol to do what you said would put him in serious risk or perjury.

    That is why our attorneys wanted the statement under oath. An option the Chairman had and declined

    1. Hopefully he will sue the lot of you and then all of you conspirators will get to give your statements under oath!

      If you plan to use Robol’s blather as ”evidence” I suggest you bring him in person and connected to a polygraph. This is the guy who contacted at least three people offering to hack into the party’s computers. Why is it that the establishment crowd puts him on a pedestel?

  13. Mr. Woodhouse,

    The affidavit you speak to was signed and notarized in Beaufort County by a lady who works for a democrat attorney. Were you present at that signing? Who was there? Who drafted the affidavit? You were in the Beaufort County area that day. Why wasnt this done in Raleigh?

    Robol has been proven the liar and weasel he is. Your an absolute fool to parade that guy around as the credence of credibility. This is a disgrace and Robol along with your conspirators are a joke.

    1. There is a complaint before a county board of elections filed by a GOP county commissioner that also bears on Robol’s honesty. There were some payments to students in question, and the question is whether Robol played fast and loose with his employer on that or whether he did so with a candidate client and the board of elections. Robol clearly lied one place or the other. He is not someone who has any integrity.

      Didn’t Stark draft his affidavit? That just adds more reason to question its accuracy.

  14. Tomorrow will determine if we head down a rocky road or if North Carolina turns blue for the next decade. If the elected chair is fired the Democrats and media will cry the Republican Party is racist and that will carry day for them. Actually the next decade. It is almost like Woodhouse, Cotten, West, Devore, Steward, Cumbie, Robol, and obviously others are intentionally sabotaging the party. To what end is this idiocy? I will do battle for the party and means to fight the agenda tooth and nail.

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