ANOTHER condemnation of NCGOPe and show of support for embattled chairman Harnett

Alexander County, the 11th congressional district, Granville and Haywood Counties have already spoken up against the treatment of NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett.  Now, it’s Craven County’s turn: tea


Whereas, the Craven County Republican Party delegation did join with a vast majority of grassroots conservatives from across this state to elect Hasan Harnett as Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party in June 2015, and;

Whereas, we have observed that since our Chairman’s election there has been continual resistance and antipathy from our NCGOP Central Committee and our General Assembly Republican Caucuses as to the installation, tenure, and strategic goals of Chairman Harnett, many of which, according to our State Plan of Organization, Article VI, State Executive Committee, Section C.4., Duties of Officers, are vague at best, and;

Whereas, our Central Committee has called for a meeting to remove our duly elected Chairman, Hasan Harnett, from office at a time when they know our Chairman’s calendar schedule revealed in January, 2016, that he could not be present to defend himself, which is against Robert’s Rules of Order, and;

Whereas, that the time and date set by our Central Committee was intentionally established only days before our North Carolina Republican Party commences its annual Convention, which would be the appropriate time and place to present our Central Committee’s case before the full governing body of our North Carolina Republican Party, and;

Whereas, we regard the case for removal of Chairman Harnett from office to have the appearance of being contrived, politically motivated, and based on highly questionable evidence, which is likely to inflict significant harm to our North Carolina Republican Party; Therefore,hh3

Be it Resolved, that the Craven County Republican Party does hereby declare its full support for our Chairman, Hasan Harnett, unless and until we are presented with a preponderance of evidence proving that grounds for his removal exist, and object to the 30 April meeting as inappropriate for reasons including its strategic timing by our Central Committee and probable parliamentary procedural error, and;

Be it Resolved, that the Craven County Republican Party calls for our State Executive Committee meeting on 30 April 2016 to be cancelled, and that any further actions taken by our Central Committee, Executive Director, or our North Carolina Republican Party staff concerning investigations and a possible case for our Chairman’s removal cease and desist immediately, or until such a time as they and their witnesses can coordinate and present their case, if they have one, with that of our Chairman, Hasan Harnett, and any witnesses he may bring forth, at a time when both sides shall present said evidence to the full assembly of delegates at the 2016 North Carolina Republican Party for their consideration and disposal.

Be it Further Resolved, that upon passage our Craven County Chair forwards for
dissemination this Resolution to members of the North Carolina Executive Committee.

Passed on the 28th day of April, 2016, by the Craven County Republican Executive Committee and its Precinct Officers.

Carl Mischka
Chairman, Craven County GOP2_Founding_Father_facepalm_thread_8998251

As the public outcry grows, the GOPe mutineers are looking more and more kamikaze-like or jihad-like.  Ready to shout ”ArtPope Akbar” and demolish the party for the sake of their own personal agendas.  

Events at the McCrimmon Center ought to be noisy and dramatic tomorrow morning.  Both sides are hauling in some big guns.  Meanwhile, the public continues to be disgusted and the country and the world continue to slide into a sinkhole. 

20 thoughts on “ANOTHER condemnation of NCGOPe and show of support for embattled chairman Harnett

  1. I’m starting to wonder if the plotters already figure the April 30 meeting is likely to fail for its advertised purpose. The broader goal is just to harass the rabble. Make them waste time and gas for a meeting that likely won’t achieve quorum and disgust them enough to not show up for state convention.

    The plotters may be figuring that many people are going to just pick one or the other to attend.

    1. What will happen Friday at the General Session of the convention. Do we need to be there for every minute?

    2. I have spent gas and sitting in a hotel room ready and willing to fight for conservitive principles tomorrow and I hope to be joined by a room full of others willing to see that tomorrow is not about a chairman but for the soul of of party and the future good it might or might not do depending on the outcome of this meeting and the convention next weekend

  2. If quorum is not met for the April 30th meeting, then the EX-COMM meeting would have to be re-scheduled unless the Establishment thinks they can get Mr. Harnett out at the convention. In a foolish move, this years convention does not include the usual Sunday Morning EX COMM meeting, (I know it’s because Sunday is Mother’s Day, but the Convention should have never been scheduled for MD’s Weekend)

    1. They should have sent out or emailed notice that no meeting was going to be on mothers day to start with… If they did somehow i missed that before i booked rooms for the convention

      Now no excomm meeting could happen during convention because there is no time for proper notice

      1. Well I suppose if the convention itself is pissed enough they could suspend the rules with a 2/3 vote and call for an ExecComm meeting.

        1. To avoid the ”gross inefficiency” of self serving district chairmen voting to keep themselves in office in districts that no longer exist, the POO should be amended to require new district conventions based on new district lines. That should bring in lots of new blood on the Central Committee.

          1. No the plan needs to be changed so the central committee members are voted in from the excomm and can be recalled and new elections held by the ex-comm

            just because you win district chair should not put you on the central committee

            The central committee needs to be help accountable by the whole ex-comm and the only way to fix it is have the ex-comm vote for its members

  3. Deeply troubled and concerned for the NC GOP. We elected Hassan Hartnett last convention and I personally expect to see Chairman Hartnett open Saturday morning’s Session at the 2016 NC GOP convention. If not my confidence in the the party will sink to a new low. I thought deeply and prayerfully who to vote for as Chairman in 2015 and that was Hassan Hartnett. This Chairman is capable and should have had the support of all just as I’m told I should do no matter who the Republican nominee is in any election. I believe Chairman Hartnett is a man of principle and high character. I do not know the Central Committee members but I do question the reason for their actions. Sadly it looks like a lynch committee. Central Committee that is what y’all apear to be doing. If Mr. Hartnett had done what you say, appears to fall into the category of criminal but that does not match the character I discovered while he campaigned. Even Craig Collins told me in his campaign visit to my home that Hassan was a friend of his and he respected him. At the 2015 Convention Mr. Collins graciously yielded to the majority vote for Mr. Hartnett and congratulated Mr. Hartnett. I felt we had accomplished a historic vote to elect Mr. Hartnett as the first American of black ethnicity to Chair the NC GOP. This man should have had the full cooperation, support and authority that every Chairman prior to his election has received. A man tells the truth or he doesn’t. Mr. Herbert’s account of his tenure to this time in his Chair position has been opposite of what other chairman’s received. For me I believe he is telling the truth so Central Committee better be able to back up their accusations or accept Mr. Hartnett’s urging the GOP to come together and put this in the past and go forward. A few members of a Central Committee aught not have the right to take down this Chairman without presenting their accusations to the whole GOP delegates at the 2016 business meeting & allow us to be the jury. I hope the April 30 th Central Committee meeting accepts Mr. Hassan’s olive branch of peace and go forward together in a critical presidential election year.
    Barbara Graham Grabowski

  4. On top of Patrick’s other suggestions I’d add that slating should be strongly discouraged at the district elections. As it stands too much of the ExecComm is made up of compliant buddies of the Dist Chairs. This also loads too much deadwood into the ExecComm… people who don’t take attenance seriously and created problems for achieving quorum.

    I’d go even further – and think nominations to the ExecComm should be done at county convention. But I know that’d be a radical for some people, and it’d overweight some of the small rural counties… (assuming each one gets an Exec member.)

    1. Mecklenburg county has had a long standing history of sending ex-com recommendations from the county convention to the district conventions. The 9th district has normally always complied with these recommendations but the other districts while not always sticking to the recommendations have always treated a letter from the county chair with respect at the district conventions

      given that I have served on the ex-com over many different state chairman and from the 9th, 8th and 12th districts. I have seen the whole spectrum of how different districts do things

      and yes I think at this point everything needs to be put on the table and looked at. because when you change anything every action causes a reaction and the full effect of any change does need to be vetted by the majority to hopefully solve our problems when it comes to our organizational structure

  5. After hearing the news today, I will be going to my local Board of Elections and changing my affiliation from Republican to UNAFFILIATED!! I have been in this party since turning 18, now 41 years! And I’ve never been so disgusted with the “powers that be”!! This is a shameful way to treat a man who was fairly elected. It’s also a slap in the face of the grassroots folks who showed up to vote for him. Done. Finished. Shove it, NCGOP!!

    1. I can’t emphasize strongly enough, going Unaffiliated means nothing to these people. Pick a new Party! Go Libertarian! Only when they see the Libertarians swelling with new voters will they realize they have a problem on their hands.

    2. Thank you. That is what we in the NCGOPe want you to do. Don’t go away mad. Just go away. Let us have control. Wave your little white flag and go be an Unaffiliated. That will just let us keep control, exactly what we want. You are helping us keep the control of the party that we have worked for, so thank you again for abandoning the fight against us.

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