Is GOPe buying into liberal ‘gun control’ spin in wake of Orlando?

selloutThat’s what it freakin’ LOOKS like: 

A key Republican and Democrat in the Senate are attempting to find a bipartisan compromise on gun control legislation that would make it harder for people on the federal terror watch list to purchase firearms or explosives.

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., are seeking a legislative middle ground between Cornyn’s bill, which would impose a three-day delay for those on the list, and Feinstein’s bill, which would ban people on the terror watch list from buying guns.[…]

John Cornyn is not just some run-of-the-mill senator,  He’s the #2 Republican in the Senate.  Mitch McConnell’s right hand.  And Feinstein has been trying for DECADES now to get guns out of the hands of everyone who doesn’t work for the government. THIS is not a positive mcconnell-cornyndevelopment, people. 

How will the names on the terror watch list be disseminated?  If someone learns he is on the watch list, don’t you think he’ll avoid the ‘pay-at-the-gun-store counter’ approach? 

Lefties from Laura Leslie to the N&O editorial board have declared that Orlando NEVER would have happened if gun control measures had been tighter.  Never mind that the 9-11 gang used box-cutters and PLANES to commit their murder.  Never mind all of those goons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel who regularly use remotely-detonated IEDs and suicide vests to commit their murder and mayhem.  Three-day waiting periods did *A LOT* of freakin’ good in those situations.  (Wait.  Bombs / IEDs are already illegal aren’t they? Worldwide? Well, why are they still here ???) 

I’ll give you a few to go get some meds and a stiff drink. It gets even dumber up there on The Hill:

[…] “She approached him and they’re talking,” a GOP aide told the Washington Examiner, referring to Feinstein and Cornyn. “We all agree on stopping known or suspected terrorists from purchasing a weapon, the question is whether we do it in a way that’s constitutional.”laughing

Both Democrats and Republicans said they are willing to work on a compromise, but the two measures include substantial differences.

Feinstein’s legislation would place an outright ban on firearm purchases for those who appear on a federal terror watch list that includes those who are not permitted to fly.

Cornyn’s legislation would place a 72-hour delay on gun purchases for people on the terror watch list, and it would require federal officials to prove in court that the person should not be allowed to buy guns.

Republicans oppose the Democratic bill because they believe it denies due process to those on the watch list, which is notoriously error-prone and includes many innocent people.[…]

Really?  Okay, say I’m Abdul the ISIS warrior.  I want multiple guns to go do some jihad.  2_Founding_Father_facepalm_thread_8998251Let’s say I go to the local gun store and try to buy their best wares.  The clerk checks my ID, runs it through the computer and says: “Sorry.  You’re Abdul the ISIS dude.  Washington says I cannot sell these to you right now.  We can wait three days and go to court to try and appeal.”

Am I — Abdul the ISIS warrior — going to throw up my hands in frustration and abandon my hopes and dreams of jihad?  Hell, no.  Am I going to go to court?  Hell, no. ( *I have some jihad to do.*)

If you have bad intentions, what is the likelihood you’re going to go into a gun store and engage in a transaction that will likely call federal law enforcement’s attention to you?

Unbelievable.  We are under attack from a worldwide criminal element, and our “leaders’ ” response is to further hamstring and regulate the potential victim population?

Crap like this betrays the intentions of The Constitution and is a slap in the face to the folks who gave these Republicans a majority in Washington.

Our government cannot — and will not — protect us.  They can respond after the fact.  Your local law enforcement will admit that to you.  MrJihad

Our “leaders” need to back off of the Second Amendment, and allow Americans to properly protect themselves.  Wider gun ownership enhances the protection of the First Amendment, and does a great job of ensuring respect of the populace by the government.

We need an aggressive approach to this foreign enemy that wants to murder us all and destroy our culture.  And we’re NOT getting it from the folks who claim to be our defenders in DC.

Looking at crap like this, and thinking ahead to the November election, I am reminded of Hillary Clinton’s infamous quote: “What difference does it make?”

14 thoughts on “Is GOPe buying into liberal ‘gun control’ spin in wake of Orlando?

  1. Cornyn is an establishment worm. He is also the one carrying the water for the Obama administration to water down the Email Privacy Act that passed the House unanimously. Currently, law enforcement does not need a warrant to get emails over 6 months old, and the House bill would require a warrant for any email, no matter how old.

    Cornyn offered an amendment from the Obama adminstration to allow federal agencies to keep being able to get those emails without warrants. Burr voted for it in committee and it passed. Now Sen. Mike Lee has withdrawn his Senate version of the House bill to try to find a way forward.

    Cornyn is an Obama Republican.

    1. We just had a chance to boot out GOPers like Virginia Foxx and Richard Hudson and shamefully failed to do so. We cannot make this same mistake with Tricky Dick in November. He MUST go — which will hopefully send a huge message to equally repulsive Tillis to get with the program. Emphasis on hopefully….

      In the meantime, take a few minutes out if your day to watch Trump’s Orlando speech and Milo Yiannopolis’ at the Pulse nightclub yesterday. The threat is real, it is here and the duplicitous Elites are intent upon destroying this country and could give a rat’s ass about protecting you or me. All we have to do is look at Europe…

  2. I got a phone call from the NRA this afternoon urging me to call my Senators to encourage them to stand up to this attack on the 2nd Amendment. I told him to call them himself and reminded him that the NRA was using my money to endorse Tillis and Burr in Republican primaries while I was supporting better candidates. I went on to say that I wasn’t wealthy enough to continue having my hard earned money working against my own interests.

    1. The NRA has a long history of bad endorsements in primaries and even in general elections. They prostitute themselves to incumbents, and if not incumbents, to the establishment. National Right to Life is just as bad. Both are influenced too much by being inside the Washington beltway bubble.

      For 2nd amendment organizations which concentrate on the most solid candidate supporting gun rights instead of the candidates who will get them the most invitations to Washington cocktail parties, try Gunowners of America or the National Association for Gun Rights. GOA was founded by a former NRA national board member who finally got a bellyfull of NRA’s rotten political endorsement policies.

      On the state level, the key gun rights organization is Grassroots North Carolina.

      1. I told those NRA dudes I was doing this 5 year extension as a trial run and I would then decide whether to get the lifetime membership. I’m working on the last year now and they have failed miserably. I’m going to take your advice and do my next trial with Gun Owners of America. I want something tangible for my money!

        Further, until we can repeal the 17th Amendment, can our two NC Senators please conjure up some backbone? Its getting to the place I’ve got more reasons to vote against many of these GOPers than reasons to vote for them.

  3. The GOP establishment won’t stand firm on any conservative issue. They have already decided they would rather have Hillary than Trump. They are total turncoats. Anyone who blindly votes a Republican ballot these days needs to have a mental examination.

  4. If you have bad intentions, what is the likelihood you’re going to go into a gun store and engage in a transaction that will likely call federal law enforcement’s attention to you?

    Right. Forget that this was exactly what happened in Orlando. Some of these yahoos are stupid. Think ‘Shoe Bomber’. He thought he could repeatedly hold a match next to the fuse sticking out of his shoe on an airliner, and no one would stop him.

    If there was a National Match Association, who made money every time someone bought a match, they would have spent millions arguing that Richard Reid did nothing wrong… right up until the moment he held the match to the bomb in his shoe.

    Why on earth would you argue that people who the FBI think might be terrorists, shouldn’t have to wait 72 hours before they get a weapon of mass destruction?

    1. Somebody bent on terrorism is going to find some means to do it, whether it is a knife, a gun, or a pressure cooker. The key is to vet those more likely to be terrorists like Muslims. In this case, the terrorist’s father has been posting videos on YouTube saying he was ”100% pro-Taliban”. Why the heck was someone like that allowed into the country in the first place? Then we have the nutty policy of birthright citizenship that automatically made his son a US citizen. What we need to do is to tighten down very very hard on our immigration and visa policies.

      Being a Muslim should be a risk factor in such evaluations which is just common sense. If they are a Muslim from a country that has active jihadist groups, they should get very intense scrutiny, and unless they can be positively excluded as a possible terrorist, they should not be let in. If they are a Muslim from a place where most Muslims are secular and there is no jihadi presence at all, like say the Tatars of Crimea, then they should pass muster to get a visa.

      Hindus, Buddhists, etc. have not shown proclivities toward terrorism, but Muslims have done so repeatedly in many countries.

      1. Well, now that a member of parliament has been shot in the land of strict gun control, this narrative is exposed anyway.

    2. Sounds good, but consider this. I have an FBI file. I have no idea what’s in it, and I never will. I can’t correct or challenge any thing in that file. I’m guessing, because of the clearance level I received, that they decided I’m okay.

  5. Seal the borders, find out who’s here illegally, Kick out the visa overstays, enforce current immigration law and quit punishing law abiding Americans. It’s simple. But the Progs never let a crisis go to waste.

  6. Go back in history to the Barbery Pirates and you will find the answers needed. Oh I forgot since the Progressives took over all the textbook companies selling to our schools nationwide they no longer exist. Our Founding Fathers were concerned over 200 years ago about a Muslim invasion that they put forces into play however our current government apparently didn’t have the opportunity of reading about past indiscretions of this peaceful idealogue.

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