Is Boss Bev BACK HOME?

The last we heard from The N&O — an annex of the governor’s communications office — Boss Bev was doing her best Marco Polo, traversing the Orient on the taxpayers’ dime.  We heard something about her signing a letter supporting ECU’s petition to join The Big East.  (But that could have been done with an auto-pen.)  Where in the world is Boss Bev?

The N&O does have an item today about former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory — the presumptive GOP nominee for governor in 2012 — picking up support from several former Bev backers.  I am sure I am not the only North Carolina taxpayer wondering when our boss lady is coming home.

MAYBE someone talked the Chinese into holding onto her as collateral until the U.S. pays off all of its debt to Beijing.  (If that is the case, we’ll never see her again. )