I’ll take “Comparative Queer Politics” for THREE Credit Hours, Alex.



We’ve heard ad nauseum from Big Bill Barber, his non-working, loitering rabble, and their comrades in the mainstream media about how Republicans in Raleigh are “starving education.”  Never mind that the most recently passed state budget spends $400 million more on education than the last one. Facts can be sooooo bothersome.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd wants us to believe that they are struggling to give the chil’ren what they need to succeed in post-graduate life.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the “important” work being performed on the taxpayer’s dime at Thomas Wolfe’s alma mater.  First Stop?  Let’s visit The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies:


The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies offers a feminist interdisciplinary course of study, that expands the process of knowledge production to include considerations of gender, race, class, and sexuality in the United States and internationally. Students will be exposed to recent scholarship on feminist theory and the intellectual, economic, political, and artistic contributions of women and feminist movements in various historical and cultural contexts.

Approximately 30 departments offer over 120 courses that focus on the study of women and/or gender. Many of these courses have been cross-listed as women’s and gender studies courses and are identified below; others are taught as special sections of an established course and are identified separately each semester.

Programs of Study

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies offers the bachelor of arts degree with a major in women’s and gender studies. A minor in women’s and gender studies and a minor in sexuality studies also are offered.


A minor in sexuality studies?  I bet that involves work-study / internships in one of the campus’ fraternity houses. I bet Monster.com is crawling with employers seeking majors and minors in sexuality studies.

Thirty departments offering over 120 courses on the study of women and / or gender?  And you wonder why our students are being eclipsed by the Chinese.

Let’s take a look at some of the more intriguing course offerings in this area:

80 First-Year Seminar: The Actress: Celebrity and the Woman (3). Who is your favorite actress? What do you know about her? What makes you one of her fans? In this seminar students will reflect on the experience, significance, and influence of the stage and motion picture actress in the modern era.

My favorite actress?  Pamela Anderson.  Hands down.  What makes me one of her fans?  Um ….

224 Introduction to Gender and Communication (COMM 224) (3). See COMM 224 for description.

*Does this make me look fat?  Are YOU listening to me? I’m NOT mad.*

281 Gender and Global Change: Militarization and Transnational Latina/o Literature (3). Through a diverse set of contemporary Latina/o texts, students will examine the response to and representation of gender and militarization in the Américas, examining in particular war, revolution, and the militarization of everyday life connected to spaces such as the United States–Mexico border and the United States prison industrial complex.

mmm-hmm.  And if that’s not high-brow enough for you:

283 Gender and Imperialism (3). Required preparation, one course in gender or non-Western societies. Permission of the instructor for students lacking the preparation. Focuses on feminist perspectives on imperialism; the effects of imperialism on colonized and European women; women’s participation in anti-imperialist movements; and the legacies of imperialism for feminism today.

Preparation?  <shudder>

310 Women, Work, and Leisure (RECR 310) (3). See RECR 310 for description.

Seriously?  Financial aid pays for this?

371 Women Mystics (RELI 371) (3). See RELI 371 for description.

Witches. Hmmm.  Oh, like my ex mother-in-law. 

410 Comparative Queer Politics (3). Prerequisite, WMST 101. Permission of the instructor. Compares the histories, experiences, identities, and political struggles of sexual and gender minorities in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Américas and at the United Nations.

550 The Social Construction of Women’s Bodies (3). Prerequisite, WMST 101. Permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisite. Looking specifically at the social and cultural construction of women’s bodies, this course considers the ways in which biological difference is imbued with social significance.

Yeah.  Boys and girls are different.

665 Queer Latina/o Literature, Performance, and Visual Art (ENGL 665) (3). See ENGL 665 for description.

666 Queer Latina/o Photography and Literature (ENGL 666) (3). See ENGL 666 for description.

Queer, check.  Latina(o), check.  Can’t we fit one more “oppressed” minority into the course titles?

Seriously.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  For far too long, public education has been a sanctuary for leftist ideologues to hide out and practice their witchcraft / indoctrination on our dime and at the expense of our young people, our state, and our country.  We’ve got a grand opportunity — with the GOP takeover in Raleigh — to fumigate and fundamentally reform public education in this state. Yet, the governor and the legislature have decided to stick with the usual practice of loading up the  board of education and the UNC Board of Governors with political hacks and big campaign donors.

If you want to fundamentally change North Carolina, you’ve got to focus on this area like a laser beam.  Pay no attention to the howling about freedom of speech and expression, etc.  These people clearly don’t give a hoot about respecting opinions that differ from their own.  Stuff like I’ve detailed here is not about educating young minds.  It’s a SCAM — plain and simple.  Parasites with PhDs sucking oodles of tax dollars out of our wallets and wasting our kids’ time.

5 thoughts on “I’ll take “Comparative Queer Politics” for THREE Credit Hours, Alex.

  1. Very revealing article. Courses like this have no business being taught on any campus, especially in these tight budget times. But don’t expect the Republicans on the Board of Governors or in the legislature to do anything about it. They are totally clueless about what is happening on the UNC campuses. In fact, they are perfectly content to let the radical left continue brainwashing Tar Heel youth. The GOP is more worried about who sits on the Industrial Commission than who runs the universities! That’s why they are called the Stupid Party–always have been; always will be. The radical leftwingers have nothing to fear.

  2. And this is the major university of the State of North Carolina? How embarrassing!

    I call your attention to the book: “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness”. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. MD. Free World Books, LLC. 2006. 413 pgs.

  3. I was one of those who favored the budget cuts in education until this past weekend. What changed was watching our public school teams take to the football field. It was evident that the budget cuts were hurting our athletic teams. How can we field first class football teams on such paltry budgets. These education cuts are making our football teams the laughing stock of the nation. The taxpayers of this state deserve better public school football than I saw this past weekend. The General Assembly needs to give the taxpayers better football. Raise taxes if you have to but our teams must make our state proud. Invest more in no-show classes so our guys will have more time to practice or drive rented suv’s. The voters want better football and do not care what other programs we have to cut to get it. I am mad! Invest more in public school athletics. A person who cannot read can always enjoy playing ball. I think that is in the Bible. Or maybe that’s Tupac.

    1. jr, that was very good. Unfortunately there are too many that will not realize you had your tongue in your cheek.

      Education in this country has turned into a joke. Most college graduates could not pass tests from the 1800’s. And this is certainly no accident. It is much healthier for the left to keep the left stupid.

  4. This is THE definitive comeback when the libs starting whining about education in the next election! It should be circulated to all GOP candidates.

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