How screwed up is Governor’s School?

Let’s see.  Here we have a damning presentation compiled by NO Left Turn In Education, a conservative activist group, for Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s FACTS task force.

A few, um, highlights:

  • Hiring and promotion of far-left activists as “teachers”
  • Implementation of critical race theory without actually calling it THAT
  • Students chastised about “heterosexual privilege”
  • Students chastised about “white privilege”
  • Far-left coordinator of school married to Gov. Cooper’s senior education advisor
  • Students lectured / condemned for “Christian privilege”
  • PhDs disseminating complicated medical (M.D.) information
  • The Flying Gender Unicorn

The presenters are pretty spot-on in their description of North Carolina Governor’s School — billed as the top educational opportunity for our state’s gifted children — as A State Program to Indoctrinate High School Students in Far-Left Ideology.”

By the way,  alleged Republican Catherine Truitt is responsible for this travesty.  She can — and likely will — try to blame this mess on her Republican predecessor.  But she’s been in power for TWO YEARS and nothing has been done to tamp this down or stop it.