Hey, look everybody. It’s THOMPAC !!!

thomsighYes, you read that right.  Our junior US senator has launched his leadership PAC — and it is already passing out the bucks.  According to an FEC filing,    the PAC has at least 50 donors and has handed out cash to the following lucky recipients:  Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO).  Talk about a pack of Mitch-bots. 

Leadership PACs gained notoriety with the release of Peter Schweizer’s book Extortion and an accompanying 60 Minutes feature.  They’re not illegal, but are certainly sleazy.  Lobbyists contribute to them for the purpose of winning influence with lawmakers.  Lawmakers donate to each other via their leadership PACs in order to curry favor with their colleagues and further any future political ambitions they may have.

You don’t have to disclose the donors.  And the money in these PACs can be used for just about anything.  It’s not unusual for Tillis to have one of these.  Kay Hagan had one.  So do most of the other senators and representatives on the Hill.

4 thoughts on “Hey, look everybody. It’s THOMPAC !!!

  1. Yesterday, our distinguished senator sponsored a bi partisan bill to dole out billions to victims of eugenics testing.Furthermore, I believe Thom has his eye on bi partisan legislation for slave reparations, too.

  2. Well, it didn’t take ole Thom long to get in on the slush funds. On these they live lavish lifestyles like Kings and Queens. This is legalized extortion for them because they make the rules and can’t be punished. Yes, read Extortion by Schweizer. It’s eye-popping. Ole Thom is just what we said he’d be. A inside the beltway koolaid drinking establishment zero #ObamaRepublican.

  3. Leadership PACs are required to report/disclose their contributions and disbursements to the FEC. Don’t disagree that they are 100% focused on currying favor in the quid pro quo world of Congress, but as federal committees they are required to report.

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