Heritage Action vs. Richard Burr: (Showdown at the Twitter Corral?)



That feisty bunch at Heritage Action has been shooting with both barrels at The Tar Heel State’s US Senators.  Heritage Action often gets dismissed as a GOP group, but their people are giving Republican Richard Burr as much — if not more — HELL as Democrat Kay Hagan.

North Carolina-based Heritage Action leaders took Hagan to task in a Twitter town hall she hosted.   Those same activists are frustrated with Burr, the Republican, for  his pro-gun control votes and what they see as an overall lack of conservative leadership on his part.  Heritage Action issued a challenge to Burr to participate in a Twitter town hall with them.   Heritage Action spokeswoman Ginny Quaglia’s comments suggest that the state’s senior senator is not receptive to engaging these rather upset conservative activists:


It has been since April 23rd when we requested a town hall with Senator Burr on his cloture vote on gun control.  He was contacted in every possible way.  Since there has been no reply from his office, we will be holding our Twitter Town Hall with or without him. Since he has chosen to ignore many NC constituents, we must follow through with our action and hold him accountable.

The town hall will start on Twitter at 11 AM on Wednesday, May 8th.  Log on to Twitter and search for the hashtag #AskBurr.  Quaglia is encouraging activists to exercise restraint, civility and manners when tweeting questions and comments to the senator during the event.

7 thoughts on “Heritage Action vs. Richard Burr: (Showdown at the Twitter Corral?)

  1. Burr is a big government Republican. We need to elect a different Republican Senator in 2016, and we need to be sure we do not nominate big government Republicans Tillis or Ellmers in 2014.

  2. Mr Burr has become the ultimate RINO. Actually he has been swinging with the DEMs on several issues. It would be better for the citizens of NC to encourage him to stay home and go fishing…he is virtually useless as a “Republican” Senator.Certainly not a conservative in any fashion. Hopefully you will hold his feet to the fire. (I voted for him twice but NEVER again!) By the way, I contacted the NCGOP about his political “correctness” and was told that he was doing an “excellent job”. So much for the NCGOP!

    1. Not saying this to pick on you personally and I’ve said this before but we had two primary challengers to Burr last time and our rank-and-file overwhelmingly retained Burr. Most probably still haven’t wised up to him yet. Sad part is that Burr is relatively obvious about who and what he is but people vote without paying attention.

  3. Whats the difference between a Big-Government Republican and a Corporate-Fascist ? Unlike Burr, who has more than qualified, I would not put Ellmers in this category yet, though she is heading in that direction. All she needs is a prayer meeting with some real people. She and Tillis are listening to the “wrong” people. We cannot afford to throw them away just yet. Lets put their feet into the fire first.

    1. Search for articles on Ellmers on this site and you will see that she qualifies even more than Burr as a Big Government Republican. She brownnoses the DC GOP establishment even more than Burr.

      As to Tillis, he has always been hopeless, from his first running for the House against a genuine conservative as the poodle of Jim Black and Richard Morgan, and now as the anti-conservative Speaker who tries to water down or derail lots of solid conservative legislation. Tillis, for example, is a much bigger threat to real Voter ID legislation than are the Democrats.

  4. Hopefully, Burr will redeem himself by placing a hold on Mel Watt’s nomination and saving the country from this incompetent idiot.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Senator Burr has been gushing with enthusiasm for Watt, and quite supportive of the nomination.

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